More Madrid denounces Ayuso before the electoral commission for campaigning from Puerta del Sol

Publication: Thursday March 18, 2021 1:41 PM

More Madrid denounced Isabel Díaz Ayuso before the Electoral Council for Wednesday’s press conference at the seat of the regional government, in which he presented a plan to help SMEs and the self-employed, despite the fact that the elections of 4 of May .

Mónica García’s party considers that her intervention violates the law that regulates elections, using an institutional space, which by definition must be neutral, for partisan purposes, is argued in the complaint filed on Thursday.

More Madrid understands that Díaz Ayuso acts at the same time as president of all the Madrilenians and candidate of the PP. This Wednesday, the PP anointed Pablo Iglesias for having broken neutrality by announcing his candidacy for the Madrid elections from his post as vice-president of the government.

“We want Ms Ayuso to stop using Puerta del Sol as if it were her campaign seat,” Más Madrid candidate Mónica García said in statements to the media. “He must understand that once the election is called his campaign acts are not his acts as president, and that if he had wanted to announce the aid, he could have announced it all the time that they were so necessary, ”he added. .

More details about Madrid in its complaint that during the press conference the successes of the president’s leadership were highlighted (pointing out that 82,000 jobs were created in Madrid, while jobs are destroyed in Spain), a balance measures adopted during the legislature were made (such as the 74 million granted in 2020 for aid to businesses and the self-employed, and the 13 to tourism); and a grant plan has been announced that is not yet approved or has a budget.

“As the simple transcription or visualization of the press conference which is the subject of this complaint shows, a large part of the public intervention of the President of the Community goes beyond the mere information of urgent measures, including evaluation policies. clear. and subjective allusions to the achievements obtained during his period at the head of the public institution ”, specifies the complaint.

And they add: “Without any intention to question the need for assistance to the Madrid sectors mired in the pandemic which affects us all, there is no justification on the part of those who have called elections on a few dates for come onto the public scene to sell hypotheses of success from such a varied catalog (health, freelancers, taxis), ”he adds.

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