More Madrid denounces Ortega Smith (Vox) in front of the public prosecutor’s office for hate crime

Publication: Monday 23 November 2020 12:07

More Madrid on Monday filed a complaint with the State Attorney General against Vox Secretary General Javier Ortega Smith for statements against Cañada Real families who, since the formation of Iñigo Errejón, could be considered as a hate crime.

Last week, the member and spokeswoman for the far right in Madrid city council on Twitter accused women of Cañada Real who were demonstrating in front of the town hall over a power cut in early October that had left them without light, hot water heating.

Ortega Smith assured that these people have tried “to use electricity illegally” and “want free electricity”, while “Spanish workers pay their bill at the end of the month”.

“We understand that the statements are full of hatred and that they provoke the hatred of a certain group,” Más Madrid spokesperson Rita Maestre assured in “ARV”.

“What administrations and political parties must do is promote coexistence between the inhabitants of Madrid, and not hatred between them,” said the opposition adviser.

Maestre also denounced that forms of the far right have invaded institutional life: “Political practices that did not exist years ago have been normalized and integrated into the political debate. Ortega Smith despised a woman victim of gender-based violence a year ago, denying that there was something that takes the lives of hundreds of women around the world every year, ”he said.

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