More Madrid overtakes the PSOE and with 24 seats it becomes the second political force in Madrid

Publication: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 12:01 AM

Plus Madrid becomes the second strength of the Madrid Assembly, thanks to the fact that it has garnered four other seats, and stands at 24, but above all because of the slam of the PSOE, which loses 13 deputies; go from 30 to 24.

Although the two parties are tied for seats, the party led by Mónica García outperforms them in votes (591,142 against 589,604 with 96% counted). As the review progressed, we saw how Más Madrid was eating ground up to this result, which was celebrated at the party headquarters by all that is big.

Mónica García, during her media appearance to assess the elections, first reminded the victims of COVID in the community, those still admitted and the ICU, “to offer them my condolences and encouragement.” .

He thanked the confidence of those who voted for Más Madrid: “We represent 17% of the vote, 24 deputies, four more than in 2019”, and although he was congratulated for the result, he said that “it was not enough”.

“We were going to put the soul, the heart and the brain and so I did it”, but regretted that the countryside was “dominated by noise and mud”. According to him, Más Madrid campaigned “in the face of the noise and put Madrid in the center. Tonight it shows that there is a green and feminist Madrid political space that is not only consolidated but also has a wide margin for growth” . .

He pledged to continue leading this alternative, “we take that pledge” and made sure that the election countdown begins in two years, “and I get to work from that moment on. We are going to leave our skin again ”. .

“This campaign has exceeded all expectations, it is the advance of the alternative that I promise to build. I want to tell the people of Madrid to despair, not to give up in order to defeat the government that is coming out of the polls today” , It’s finish.

A commitment that he also left in writing on social networks. Más País leader Íñigo Errejón also praised the results.

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