More than 20 entities join the Alliance for the Inclusive Energy Transition

More than 20 entities join the Alliance for the Inclusive Energy Transition

The Alliance for Inclusive Energy Transition, promoted by the Repsol Foundation and the Santa Mara la Real Foundation, through its Employment and Entrepreneurship space, has registered its first 23 member entities and social enterprises. Together, they contribute to the improvement of socio-economic environments and to the fight against social exclusion by creating opportunities for employability and inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Among the first to join are organizations that operate both nationally and regionally, in Andalusia, Cantabria, Catalonia, the Community of Madrid, Extremadura or the Region of Murcia. These are entities that work in various fields, such as the employability of people with disabilities; the socio-professional integration of vulnerable groups; defending the rights of refugees and migrants; working with children or supporting the basic needs of people at risk of social exclusion.

Currently, the Alliance member entities are: Amica; Amica Environment; Apadis; Young North Cultural Association; Rare Disease Genes Association; Professional Association for People with Disabilities (Aedis), Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR); Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (Cocemfe); Association of relatives and people with mental illness from Zafra, its region and the southern zone of Extremadura (Feafes Zafra); Adsis Foundation; Altius Foundation; Foundation of the Food Bank of Granada; REDMADRE Foundation; Foundation of the Gypsy Secretariat; Madrid Foundation for Down’s Syndrome; Tomillo Foundation; Sylvestris Group, Icaria IniciativesSocials, Koiki Home; Malaga welcomes; Placeat Association; Plena Inclusin Madrid, and Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation (Scot).

Generation of green jobs

This unprecedented Alliance maintains a social approach, as a value proposition, to deal with the training and updating of professionals in the context of the energy transition, through sustainable solutions that support the most vulnerable groups. It has become an opportunity for social and economic development and job creation.

The Alliance will have an Employability Laboratory to offer training adapted to the new demands of the labor market and promote the employability of vulnerable groups in sectors that will generate more professional opportunities thanks to the energy transition.

Social, innovative and inclusive impact

This network of allies and key players makes it possible to pool resources to achieve common objectives, improve action guidelines and create synergies. In addition, it collaborates in the generation of shared knowledge to achieve medium and long-term solutions and thus face the new challenges of the energy transition.

It has established itself as a dynamic community that contributes to an innovative and inclusive social impact. Among its objectives is the fight against inequalities through vocational training programs aimed at vulnerable groups in order to meet the needs of the sector. .

The Alliance is responsible for identifying the demands of the current labor market in the face of the challenges arising from the energy transition and, from there, promoting proactive employment solutions and strategies to support social entities and companies. in their transformation process.

Open membership

Being a member of the Alliance allows you to benefit from various advantages, such as the possibility of belonging to an alliance of key actors towards the inclusive energy transition; collaborate in the generation of knowledge and shared experiences of member social entities; access the results of experimental employability programs and best practices, and open the door to new synergies.

Social entities wishing to be part of the Alliance for Inclusive Energy Transition can apply to join via the web in the net section.

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