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the main surprise yesterday in Saint-Jory, north of Toulouse. The comedian and polemicist Dieudonné organized a show on a resident’s private property. Almost 200 people took part in the event in a peaceful atmosphere.

The comedian and polemicist Dieudonné gave a “clandestine” show this Saturday evening in the city of Saint-Jory north of Toulouse. More than 200 spectators were present to listen to him. 11 participants were fined for offenses “related to traffic police and non-compliance with health regulations”.

The gendarmes were there Photo Mairie Saint-Jory

At around 7 p.m., residents are surprised to see a hundred cars parked near Department 820. There are usually no meetings scheduled nearby. Some people immediately think of a dream party. Apart from the general public, no residents suspect that a show is being organized on site. As is so often the case with Dieudonné, the meeting point was kept secret until the last moment. If in doubt, passers-by warn the town hall. “The Saint-Jory Citizens’ Participation Network was quick to raise the alarm and the municipal police and then the gendarmerie were there when the installation began,” said Saint-Jory Mayor Thierry Fourcassier.

200 spectators sit in the grass

When they arrive, the police discovers an unusual scene in the distance. A man appears to be playing in front of an audience seated quietly on the lawn. Laughter and applause can be heard. Despite the distance, the soldiers recognize Dieudonné. At the end of the show, around 8:30 p.m., the participants will be checked and asked to leave the site. “There were fines for badly parked cars, then drug, alcohol and exit controls had to be observed …” added the city’s mayor in a Facebook post.

The event, which took place on private property, ended peacefully. The investigators wanted to hear quickly about the owner of the property that the polemicist had leased. In the meantime, the elected representative of Saint-Jory asked all residents to be extremely vigilant. As a reminder, gatherings of more than 1,000 people are prohibited until Sunday evening.

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