More than 260 companies join forces to boost employment for people with disabilities in toughest year of the millennium

More than 260 companies join forces to boost employment for people with disabilities in toughest year of the millennium

On December 3, the International Day of People with Disabilities was celebrated, a framework that the Adecco Foundation did not want to miss to strengthen its mission and accelerate the employment of people with disabilities as the only guarantee to normalize their lives. To this end, and with the collaboration of more than 260 committed companies, it celebrates Disability Week 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

In the most difficult year of the third millennium and, surprised by a global pandemic, people with disabilities are one of the sectors of the population most affected by poverty and social exclusion. If they already encountered difficulties before the crisis in accessing the labor market, today the obstacles have increased, faced with unprecedented competition that worsens social and professional inequalities and discrimination.

For example, the hiring of people with disabilities fell by 29% in 2020, and although this is a decrease that has affected the entire workforce, in the case of people with disabilities, it is aggravated by stereotypical beliefs and stigmas that make it difficult for them to work in a market damaged by the health emergency.

Likewise, the director comments that: “despite the collapse in the hiring of people with disabilities during COVID-19, this year we have increased by about 40% the number of companies that have joined our Disability Week. , a very encouraging fact which shows how this crisis mobilized like never before the engagement of companies with the most vulnerable ”.

More than 85 workshops to “not leave disabled people behind”

The Disability Week of the Adecco Foundation aims to promote the employment of people with disabilities, keeping the central promise of Agenda 2030: “leave no one behind”, which is shared and subscribed by more than 260 collaborating companies. also an impact on the SDGs such as the end of poverty, decent work or the reduction of inequalities.

According to Francisco Mesonero: “It has been proven that in times of crisis short-term recipes don’t work, but we need to be consistent and align with the SDGs as allies to move forward. It is essential to be open-minded and prepare to build a future that is more equal and inclusive, but also more competitive. Relying on people with disabilities should not be associated with philanthropy or social responsibility, but on the contrary, it is essential in difficult times, a prerequisite for our businesses to be more productive and resilient ”. In this sense, the manager adds that: “we are deeply grateful to the more than 260 companies which, despite the unfavorable context, have mobilized to help those who need it most. Without the commitment of the business community as a generator of employment and social protection, it will be impossible to overcome this crisis ”.

To accelerate the employment of people with disabilities, the Adecco Foundation is organizing more than 85 training workshops this week across Spain, with the aim of increasing the employability of people with disabilities in great difficulty. During these sessions, participants have the opportunity to develop strategic skills for employment, define their professional goal or learn about emerging employment niches during the COVID-19 era: video interviews, social media management, self-applications or a real approach to the business world. are some of the most important issues.

Vulnerability across Pablo, Desire and Mara

As additional awareness-raising material, the training workshops were accompanied by the broadcast of a video featuring Pablo Pineda, the first European graduate with Down’s syndrome; Desire Vila, Paralympic athlete and Mara Petit, entrepreneur and communication professional who lost her eyesight at 17 in a car accident, all leading faces in the field of disability and also ambassadors of the Adecco Foundation,

The audiovisual piece is aimed at business, government and civil society and reflects how we are all exposed to vulnerability, having identified ourselves during the pandemic with feelings that people with disabilities know very closely. In this way, Pablo, Desire and Mara give voice to disability and claim empathy as the most powerful engine to emerge from this crisis, being the starting point to banish prejudices and stereotypes that hinder full inclusion.

According to Mesonero, “Since the start of the pandemic, we have all recognized ourselves in the feelings that people with disabilities generally experience as helplessness or isolation. This situation should allow us to connect more than ever with the reality that nearly 4 million people live in Spain and to eradicate once and for all the social and professional discrimination that impoverishes our society so much ”.

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