More than 270 ex-soldiers warn that “the unity of Spain is in danger”

Updated: Saturday, December 5, 2020 9:05 PM

Published on: 12/05/2020 17:49

A manifesto which warns against “the deterioration of democracy”, “the imposition of a single thought” and in which it is affirmed that “the unity of Spain is in danger” was signed by 271 retirees .

The document, to which Efe had access, is edited by Lieutenant-General Emilio Pérez Alamán, Admiral José María Treviño and Lieutenant-General Juan Antonio Álvarez Jiménez, and was signed by generals, officers, legionaries and soldiers.

Those who subscribe stand out from other similar initiatives: “The signatories of this Declaration want to express their total dissociation and their dissatisfaction with what has been expressed in a private” chat “- broadcast in various media – foreign to our feeling and to our essence of soldiers “.

However, they say they share “the same concerns” as their colleagues from the XIX Promotion of the Air Force and the XXIII of the General Military Academy of the Army, each exposed in letters to the President of the European Parliament. and to the King of Spain. “.

They accuse the government of accepting “contempt for Spain, the humiliation of its symbols, contempt for the king and attacks on his effigy”.

“In addition to authorizing violent separatist riots and coup plotters with a request for forgiveness for those convicted of sedition, as well as granting favors to terrorists with the resulting contempt for their victims , << bypassing< la législation actuelle >>, seeking “to submit to the executive branch of the judiciary, including the state attorney general”, and try “to impose one thought” with laws like democratic memory.

They add that “as soldiers, who are always in a situation of pensioners, we keep active the oath that we took in its time to guarantee the sovereignty and independence of Spain and to defend its territorial integrity and its order. constitutional, giving our life if necessary “. .

“Although by age we cannot exercise our vocation as soldiers in the units, we have recovered the fundamental rights which we have voluntarily given up by embracing the career of the arms. Among them, the freedom of opinion and expression that allows us to sign this declaration, which it warns of the risks to which those responsible for the direction of the future of Spain pose ”, argues the manifesto .

The signatories reiterate their loyalty to the King as the supreme command of the armed forces.

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