More than 40 experts from the HR sector and the business world analyzed the trends of the new reality at the HR Hybrid Forum

The hybrid concept became relevant in an event that included a face-to-face and an online part

More than 40 experts from the HR sector and the business world analyzed the trends of the new reality at the HR Hybrid Forum

absolute success! This is how the HR Hybrid Forum could be described, the flagship congress of the new reality of the HR sector and the business world. More than 400 participants gathered behind their screens to follow this innovative event which took place in a hybrid way, with a face-to-face part at the Espacio Rastro Madrid, where a part of the speakers and sponsors met. , and an online part, with the streaming of the various presentations, round tables and dialogues by more than 40 experts from the world of work and business.

HR directors and business leaders analyze industry trends

As we said, the roster of experts included HR directors such as Carlos Olave (LG Electronics); Jos Luis Risco (EY); Jess Torres (AEDRHy Rentokil Initial); Diego Martn (HPE); Ana Romeo (Cigna Spain); Silvia Martnez (GiGroup); Celia Cisneros (Leroy Merlin); Florcy Jimnez (BAT); David Prez (Cabify); Mayte Gmez (Electrolux); Carmen Sabater (Torresol Energy); or Daniel Ruiz (Cardiva), who has agreed to highlight, more than ever, attention to employees as a key in the current context. Care not only of physical health, logical in the era of the coronavirus, but also of emotional health.

We also had business leaders such as Jaime Sol, managing partner of EY People Advisory Services; Manuel Terroba, CEO of BMW Ibrica; Eva Ivars, CEO of Afflelou Espaa; Andrea Barber, CEO and Co-Founder of RatedPower; Javier Rodrguez Zapatero, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of ISDI; o Aarn Cogolludo, Country Manager of Personio in Spain, who highlighted the role of team leaders and their evolution towards a new style of leadership marked by digitization, remote work and, logically, the coronavirus.

Speaking of remuneration, protagonists such as Juan Marina (Nationale Nederlanden) or Ignacio Traves (Cobee) have highlighted the new methods of remuneration of employees and the need to cover the needs of each employee, which differ according to the profile of the worker. concerned. In this order, they also underlined the relevance of two-way communication, in order to respond to these needs or concerns of employees.

And it is that this, communication, was one of the great keys of the day as most of the speakers underlined it in the sense that it has become a fundamental instrument, both internally and externally. Another aspect that has been highlighted is durability.

Ferrn Adri, Teresa Viejo, Andrea Barber, Rodrigo Miranda … among the most prominent speakers

Also, how can we forget the participation of great geniuses from the business world and the world of communication. The HR Hybrid Forum had the participation of the prestigious chef Ferrn Adri and his professional colleague Javier Muoz Calero; Ignacio Villoch, original speaker, Rodrigo Miranda, managing partner of ISDI; journalist Teresa Viejo; Laura Baena, founder of the Club de Malasmadreso Margarita Álvarez, founder of Working for Happiness, delighted the participants of the virtual event through their speeches and their knowledge in their respective fields: leadership, innovation, digitization, communication, conciliation, well- be. ..

To end a day of HR, business, leadership and networking, as well as virtual networking and with all the necessary safety and hygiene measures, the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoa Villacs, closed the congress with a speech in which he analyzed the situation of the sector, exposed the measures taken by the City Council in favor of employment and companies and, above all, he encouraged the whole world of human resources to continue to fight in these difficult times.

* You can see the video of Begoa Villacs at the end of the article

The HR Hybrid Forum, the face-to-face part of which was held last Thursday in the Rastro Madrid space, has E as main sponsor, Gi Group as Gold Sponsor Plus, Cigna, Personioy Nationale Nederlanden as gold sponsors, ISDI, Cobee , Pleo, Incipyy Compass Group / Eurest as silver sponsors and TAD Producciones, Digital workspaces, Coca Cola, Espacio Rastro Madrid and Barn de Salamanca as bronze sponsors. In addition, Coonices the official events agency, BMW Madrides the official car and Eventing and LG are technology sponsors. The Hybrid HR Forum is organized by RRHHDigital, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH), institutional sponsor of the congress.

From these lines we would like to thank all the people involved in the HR Hybrid Forum, both speakers and sponsors and participants, for having contributed to the success of this congress which, in addition to being very interesting with regard to the subjects discussed, is became an innovative reference as an event, with adequate health and hygiene measures that allowed participants to enjoy a wonderful day surrounded by colleagues from the sector and friends.

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