More than 50% of Spaniards already have the full coronavirus vaccination schedule

Posted: Monday July 19 2021 6:17 PM

New step in the coronavirus vaccination campaign: more than half of the Spanish population already has the full directive. This is reflected in this Monday’s report from the Ministry of Health, which puts the proportion of Spaniards immune to 50.7%.

Thus, 24,041,017 citizens have already received the two doses of the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines or a single injection with that of Janssen, which requires the administration of only one dose.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, had already advanced last Wednesday that the forecast was to reach 50% of the vaccinated population with the full schedule at the beginning of the week.

An achievement reached on Monday that the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, held at a press conference: “We have taken a very important step: more than half of the Spanish population is already vaccinated with a full schedule, ”he announced.

“We are the third country in the European Union, after Malta and Hungary, to achieve this important goal and one of the first in the world,” said Calzón, recalling that the vaccination campaign was launched seven years ago. months and thanking the health professionals, in particular the nursing professionals, for their “magnificent service”.

However, he warned that “there is absolutely no room for relaxation”. “We must continue to vaccinate without rest,” he added, aiming to reach 25 million vaccinated with the full schedule by the end of this week and 70% of the total population by the end of August .

On the other hand, the Secretary of State indicated that “we are very close” to the completion of the vaccination of the age group 60-69 years and indicated that people over 40 years have vaccination coverage ” of hope ”, with more than 80% with full guide.

“More than half of the 30-39 age group and one in four of the 20-29 age group have already administered at least one dose of the vaccine,” added Calzón, who announced the arrival “to this week.” over 2.2 million doses: 1,765,640 from Pfizer and 474,000 from Moderna.

“A vaccinated person can be infected and be a transmitter”

To date, according to ministry data, 51,229,989 doses have been administered against COVID-19 in our country, including 990,941 since last Friday. Thus, 62.1% of the population already has at least one dose (29,484,796 people).

Vaccination coverage which, if calculated on the population to be vaccinated, amounts to 70% with at least one dose and rises to 57.1% with a complete schedule.

In any case, experts urge not to let your guard down, as those vaccinated can also become infected and pass the virus on to other people. In este sentido, Calzón ha recordado durante su comparecencia que la pauta de vacunación completa “no Garantiza la protección completa, porque la vacuna no es efectiva en todas las personas”, aunque ha señalado que sí “reduce de forma muy significativa las formas graves de disease”.

For his part, the immunologist Alfredo Corell, who had already received the two doses of the vaccine, warned on Monday after being tested positive that “a vaccinated person can be infected and be a transmitter”. Here you can see his intervention in Al Rojo Vivo:

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