More than 50% of the “target” population is already immune to COVID

Posted: Monday July 12 2021 7:02 PM

More than 50% of the Spanish population to be vaccinated (over 12 years old) is already immune to COVID. This is reflected in the latest data from the Ministry of Health, which lists 21,789,996 people vaccinated with a full schedule in our country.

In addition, 66.5% of the “target” population already has at least one dose. This percentage has increased, in part, due to the start of vaccination of people over 16 in communities such as Madrid or Catalonia. Indeed, 17.9% of the population between 20 and 29 years old has already started their vaccination.

For the fifth consecutive week, Spain has exceeded three million vaccines inoculated. Specifically, in the past seven days, 3.8 million doses have been “broken”. A vaccination campaign which, in the opinion of CCAES director Fernando Simón, “continues to be spectacular, at the maximum possible rate”.

In this sense, Simón underlined that “we continue to be one of the EU countries which vaccinates the most according to its population. Every day, 25% more than Italy, 30% more than France, 35% more than Germany and 70% more than the United Kingdom ”, expressed the epidemiologist.

Despite this, the doctor warns: “We cannot rule out cases in unimmunized vaccinated people who can go to intensive care. However, he emphasizes: “This is not the same situation as a year ago or in the second and third waves, but there are still risks. In addition to continuing the vaccination program, we must maintain certain measures, ”he stressed. impact.

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