More than 600 complaints for a bottle in Madrid and thousands of people deported to Barcelona, ​​Saturday night’s toll

Publication: Monday, May 10, 2021 3:41 PM

From the bells from Saturday to Sunday, the Community of Madrid recorded 670 complaints for a bottle, 357 for not wearing a mask and up to 20 for lack of schedule or capacity in the premises.

También hubo 273 atenciones por ruidos en domicilios, sin contar la multitud de recintos y calles céntricas que se agolpaban de gente que asegura no temer las consecuencias: “Las multas nos tienen que tener miedo a nosotros” the party.

In view of this, Inmaculada Sanz, spokesman for the city hall of Madrid, underlines his rejection of the attitudes of recent days and, in the same way, asks for caution in the face of the following weekends: “We are not close. of normality to return to our streets. I mean very clearly that the state of alert has calmed down, but that the pandemic and the virus are still alive, ”he told LaSexta.

Given this, on the horizon there is fear of the arrival of a major party and how the capital will be able to contain it without a maximum of social gatherings or curfews: “For San Isidro , there will be a special device designed. It will not be a normal San Isidro, there will be no festival, ”he insists.

Also from Madrid City Hall, Mayor Almeida wanted to send a clear message: “Freedom is not breaking the rules. Freedom is not to make bottles and freedom does not go without a mask in the street, ”he says.

A feeling that focused on Madrid, but whose patterns were repeated in much of Spain: the Barcelona City Guard expelled 6,500 people from the public highway.

In Seville, 148 patrols were to be present in the streets, while in Salamanca the number of people gathered was such that the police simply removed the bags of alcohol without identifying those carrying them. However, they imposed around 20 fines, but on individuals who did not wear masks, as well as 12 penalties on those who skipped the curfew between 10 p.m. and 12 p.m. on Sunday.

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