More than 70% of young professionals say they feel neglected by their organization

More than 70% of young professionals say they feel neglected by their organization

The management of mental and physical health appears for the first time as a determining factor in the choice of a company, according to 74% of respondents

BY RRHHD Digital, 2:45 p.m. – June 22, 2021

72% of young Spanish professionals doubt the recognition and appreciation of their work, as well as its real usefulness for their organizations. This is reflected in a Sharp study based on surveys of professionals aged 21 to 45 in companies with 100 to 250 employees. The study reveals that this perception is a consequence of the distance from work centers imposed by teleworking due to the health crisis. Indeed, and according to survey data, 54% of young professionals say they do not feel part of a work team and 30% fear being excluded from decision-making by the senior team. .

Another of the most revealing data from the study is the emergence, for the first time, of the management that companies make of the physical and mental health of their human resources as a fundamental factor among work preferences. In fact, 74% of people say so.

In this regard, Sharp’s analysis shows that this new factor is also a consequence of the imposition of teleworking. Concretely, 59% of the people questioned state that they have extended their working time and that this fact (51%) directly affects their personal life. However, the study also shows that 74% think that the absence of commuting allows them to plan a more balanced working day and to have more flexibility (70%) to organize their daily life.

Looking to the future, 31% have opted for a mixed-working model and said they are looking for companies that can offer them opportunities to acquire new skills and deepen their knowledge through online training (45%). In addition, they stress the need for positions that provide them with the technology they need to work from anywhere (73%).

According to Juan Marco, Commercial Director of Sharp Spain, “to extract the maximum potential from the generation of workers who will occupy a significant percentage of positions in the years to come, companies must integrate into their work environments technology that encourages thought. creativity, the development of new skills and flexibility between personal and professional life ”.

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