More than half of European companies struggle to find talent to fill tech jobs

More than half of European companies struggle to find talent to fill tech jobs

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the world’s leading CRM company, commissioned RAND Europe to conduct the Digital Skills Research, which examines the evidence associated with various aspects of the digital skills gap, which has reached a tipping point. Businesses face a new challenge in this digitalized world: there are not enough people with the right digital skills to drive the transformation of their businesses today or in the future.

Likewise, research reveals that 87% of managers suffer or expect to suffer the consequences of this lack of digital skills within their workforce. In Europe, 64% of large companies and 56% of small and medium-sized enterprises struggle to find talent for jobs related to information and communication technologies (ICT).

The supply of training does not meet the huge demand for digital skills, and the gap continues to widen due to a number of factors ranging from new emerging technologies to systemic social and economic inequalities. The decisions businesses make about whether or how to close the digital skills gap will impact future generations.

What is the digital skills gap?

Digital skills encompass a range of skills related to using digital devices, communications applications and networks to access and manage information, from basic online research and email to programming and development. of software. Over the past 18 months, what was a gradual decade-long migration to digital experiences, which require digital skills to drive, has accelerated rapidly.

Thus, sustained investment in digital skills to support digitization-induced change in career opportunities is imperative for global economic recovery, as well as long-term and resilient economic growth.

Drivers of the digital skills gap

According to the RAND Europe study, the skills gap has multiple causes:

The demand for technological talent exceeds a currently limited supply.

Emerging technologies need more digital skills. High costs and disorganized approaches to traditional education increase barriers to learning. Access to infrastructure and digital skills is limited by socio-economic situation.

Unfortunately, the democratization of digital skills will not reach all countries, industries and communities equally. The skills gap will continue to grow until citizens from underserved and under-represented backgrounds have equal access to technology and education for relearning. Success, prosperity and equality in the new digital world will therefore depend on whether everyone has the skills to participate.

Reduction of the gap

Businesses have a key role to play in creating digital opportunities:

Promote that technology careers serve as a platform for equitable progression, meaningful and lifelong learning. Carry out awareness-raising programs that destroy institutional barriers, such as limited access to training and racial and gender inequality. Readjust hiring to focus less on traditional education and more on skills, opening up digital roles to a larger and more diverse talent pool, in order to generate a more positive socio-economic impact. Create non-traditional access routes to the technology industry.

Now more than ever, businesses need to work closely with governments and community actors to ensure that training adapts to digital demand and accelerates recovery and growth.

Salesforce contribution

Salesforce also recognizes that there is no shortage of one-size-fits-all skills or one-size-fits-all approach. The company supports the training imperative through a variety of platforms, projects, initiatives and investments that can offer something for everyone. Ultimately, these joint efforts help people from all walks of life find their own educational path and confidently progress to meaningful, life-changing employment.

To do this, Salesforce offers free training through Trailhead, its online learning platform, as well as agreements with major education players. Salesforce works with implementation partners such as Accenture, DeloitteeIBM to extend Salesforce products and services into the digital economy, promote training and create new jobs that require knowledge of Salesforce.

Development programs for the professionals of tomorrow

The Salesforce Talent Alliance is an initiative that connects partner companies with a diverse pool of candidates trained by Salesforce, with the goal of training and educating the workforce of tomorrow. The Pathfinder training program, launched in 2018 in conjunction with Deloitte, is a workforce development initiative designed to train individuals with the technical, business and soft skills needed to develop a career in the business ecosystem. industry Salesforce. Salesforce Military offers free online training courses and certification exams for serving military personnel, veterans, and military spouses. Salesforce connects a talent pool with partner companies to help grow, strengthen and diversify its workforce. Trailblazer Connects helps people access a mentor and facilitate career opportunities through online events and resources. Supports nonprofits and schools working to bridge the opportunity gap for future generations through education, using the Salesforce 1-1-1 model.

Stock markets and investments

Through its scholarship programs, Salesforce is helping the next generation get started, by supporting the imperative of digital empowerment. Salesforce recently announced a new donation of $ 700,000 to the leading nonprofit that powers the workforce, Year Up. This organization connects young adults and the best companies to advance their careers. This brings the company’s total financial effort to $ 30 million.

The commitment to closing the growing digital skills gap is essential to the success and prosperity of our world, and must be done in a way that promotes equity and genuinely harnesses people’s talents.

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