More than half of Spaniards think that there is no equality of the LGTBIQ + group in the labor market

More than half of Spaniards think that there is no equality of the LGTBIQ + group in the labor market

Sexual orientation and gender identity should not be a barrier in the labor market. However, 55% of Spaniards consider that people in the LGTBIQ + group are not on an equal footing in the workplace, according to a survey carried out in June by the human resources consultancy HAYS.

The survey, to which approximately 3,500 employees responded, also shows that 23% of workers have witnessed some form of workplace discrimination against the LGTBIQ + group during their working life. In other words, one in four people has witnessed an action that has shown that they do not enjoy the same conditions in this environment.

Beyond these data, the ADIM LGBT + guide, developed by the General Directorate for Equal Treatment and Diversity of the Spanish government, explains that not assuming someone’s sexuality or identity is a question, but it should not be confused with converting the topic to a secret or tab. “It’s very easy to fall into the ‘I don’t care what everyone else does at home’ argument, but following that mentality is very dangerous, because it makes all people who are not heterosexual invisible,” explains Christopher Dottie, Managing Director of HAYS Spain.

“We spend a good part of our daily life at work, and encouraging people to feel fulfilled and to be themselves in the work environment is essential for achieving an inclusive business. You don’t have to force or assume, just create the right environment, ”Dottie explains.

Recommendations for workplace discrimination

When one thinks of discrimination in the workplace, the first things that usually come to mind are slurs, harassment or even unfair dismissal. These are very serious situations which still occur, but where the discrimination is direct and obvious, almost indisputable. However, other types of attitudes also occur, which are much more frequent and difficult to resolve: jokes, comments, rumors, slight teasing, jokes, etc. According to the CEO of HAYS Espaa, “everything starts to set a good example from above: we have to make sure that leaders and managers are the first to show zero tolerance for jokes that can keep someone from to feel comfortable and fulfilled at work “.

According to HAYS, in the 2021 working environment, it’s no longer just about ignoring that all workers are equally valuable, but it’s also time to show that companies support the LGTBIQ + community and all that it entails. . “A very valid initiative in this direction is to encourage the creation of internal committees responsible for promoting acceptance of the different realities of sexual and gender diversity, which can be made up of both people within the group and allies. Dottie suggests.

In this sense, two years ago the company created the HAYS Pride Network initiative, which brings together the different Pride committees at international level, and this year the group materialized in Spain, with real plans and goals for the years to come.

The Managing Director of HAYS in Spain maintains that “understanding that the system that governs us is exclusive by default is a first step on the road to equality”. We need to open doors and integrate those who have felt marginalized and separated, only then will we achieve real change, ”he concludes.

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