“More to come” is the tagline for the latest and exciting Surface video.

Microsoft has succeeded in positioning Surface as a prestigious brand recognized around the world. Those of Redmond have shown that they also know how to manufacture equipment and products such as Surface Pro, Laptop, Book or Duo are good proof of this. Soon we will have an event in which devices such as the Surface Laptop 4 or the Headphones 2+ will be presented. To liven up the mood and generate expectations, the people of Surface have posted on their networks the video that we are sharing with you below.

The story of Surface through Panos Panay

This video, titled “The Story of the Surface”, shows excerpts from speeches by Panos Panay, current Windows Director, on the brand and its goals. The common thread is “people”, because Surface wants to be a brand capable of meeting the new needs of consumers and of making them come true. It was in this spirit that the successful Surface Pro range was born, a device that has the main virtues of a tablet and a computer.

We are struck by the tone of this advertisement which so emotionally evokes the soul of the brand and its goal of constantly exploring new horizons. The reason is that the information we have supports very discreet product presentations, in the case of simple reviews of existing products and some new accessories. Will Microsoft have an asset up its sleeve that will surprise us all? Until then, you can see which Surface best suits your needs on its official page.

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