more weight for Lastra and Cerdán before the Federal Congress


Posted: Monday July 12 2021 10:14 AM

The tidal wave of changes in the government of Pedro Sánchez is already reaching the other port of socialist power: Ferraz. The changes and the dismissal of the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, also secretary of the PSOE Organization, have led the party leadership to also undergo a facelift.

Thus, as socialist sources have confirmed at LaSexta, from this very Monday Adriana Lastra takes the reins of the party. She, in addition to being a parliamentary spokesperson, was the Deputy Secretary General. From now on, he will concentrate even more power, a few weeks before the Federal Congress which will reshape the PSOE.

The distribution of weights between the different figures of the socialist ranks is lessened and focuses on her, who was already number 2 and the great champion of organic life, compared to the theses implemented by Iván Redondo. With the surprising departure of Ábalos, spokesperson for the party and number 3, unexpected for his own as for the others, the leadership of the PSOE lost weight and reduced its chorus.

According to sources close to this channel, the transport minister so far is expected to step down from his post in the party in the coming days.

The Lastra-Cerdan duo

But Lastra will not be alone. He will be supported, as this channel has learned, by Santos Cerdán. The Socialist deputy from Navarre, a plumber from Ferraz who knows the internal life and the nooks and crannies of the party by heart, already held the post of secretary of the Organization de facto while Balos was minister.

In fact, Cerdán himself is the main organizer of the 40th Federal Party Congress, in a coordinating trident that was also made up of Lastra and Ábalos. The nomination, the final port of this remodeling, aims to be the starting point of a PSOE that has “updated the challenges” of Spain, as the PSOE already reported at the time.

The truth is, all of the changes Pedro Sánchez made surprised Ferraz. And, given the scale, they are expected to reach the PSOE as well. Especially after the totemic sacrifice of Iván Redondo, which left the Socialists “perplexed”, but it is a decision “strongly applauded” in the organic ranks.

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