“More women leaders are needed in the digital age”

Catherine Chen, Senior Vice President and Director of the Huawei Board of Directors, delivered a speech today at Web Summit 2020. Chen highlighted the importance of gender equality in creating a digital economy diverse and inclusive. She also highlighted the importance of education as a key to empowering women in the tech sector.

Drawing on her 26 years of working experience in the industry and her personal journey at Huawei’s senior management, Catherine Chen called for more female leaders, exemplifying not only the strength of women, but also women. also its unique and innovative power to stimulate the digital economy.

In front of the audience of Europe’s most important digital conference, Chen spoke about the importance of having women as role models and achieving gender balance in the tech sector: gender equality is not not that women and men share the same opinions and attitudes. It is about equal opportunities and rights, which can only be achieved in a more inclusive, diverse and healthy society.

Chen noted that women make up nearly half of the world’s five billion working-age women, but only half of them participate in the workforce. Only between 20% and 30% of the ICT workforce and 7.4% of Fortune Global 500 CEOs are women. In the digital age, we not only need greater representation of women in the industry, but also of women leaders, Chen said.

Chen then described the three key factors to achieve this goal. Firstly, he underlined the importance of policies that support women, such as the goals and guidelines set out in the EU Strategy for Gender Equality 2020-2025. He underlined the extent to which Europe had been a pioneer in promoting gender equality. Second, women themselves must reject stereotypes that characterize the tech industry as too boring or difficult for them. Third, she pointed out that digital skills education would fundamentally empower women by providing them with more opportunities and helping them acquire the basic skills needed to compete in the digital economy.

As a leader in the technology sector, Huawei is more than willing to work with its partners to sow the seeds of the future, through the promotion of education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM, for its acronym in English). ). Through programs like Huawei’s ICT Academy, DigiTruck in Kenya or digital training buses in Bangladesh, our initiatives are helping to fill digital gaps in the world. We are confident that brighter women will emerge in the tech industry to guide us towards a more equal, open and diverse future, Chen concluded.

The Web Summit is considered one of the most important technology conferences in the world, with more than 100,000 participants and 800 speakers, where personalities and companies from the international technology sector meet:

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