Morocco accuses Spain of using immigration question as “alibi” and threatens to respond

Posted: Tuesday June 01 2021 20:50

Morocco returns to the charge against the Spanish government’s response to the crisis. In a new press release, Rabat “regrets that the migration issue, including the issue of unaccompanied minors, is used as an alibi to avoid the real causes of the political crisis with Spain”.

With this, they refer to the latest executive statements, and this is what Pedro Sánchez and María Jesús Montero called “unacceptable” that the “government of Morocco defies borders due to differences in foreign policy “.

In view of this, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry warns that “the Moroccan authorities reserve the right to give, in due time, adequate responses to the unfounded accusations of the Spanish government,” the statement concluded.

The crisis continues in Ceuta

Meanwhile, in Ceuta, the consequences of the massive entry in May continue. Dozens of Moroccans who wish to stay in Spain are now seeking humanitarian asylum, a process that can take years. There are also those who want to come back, but this return is slowing down, again.

As for unaccompanied minors who are in Spain and other European countries, the King of Morocco has ordered his interior and foreign ministers to resolve their situation. Mohamed VI “had stressed on numerous occasions, including before foreign heads of state, the clear and firm commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco to accept the return of unaccompanied minors duly identified,” said Rabat.

The Moroccan government emphasizes that there are “cooperation mechanisms” with countries such as Spain or France, which have allowed “the return of several dozen minors” and free themselves from any guilt in the slowness observed in the process. process, which essentially links “the deadlocks in complex procedures in certain European countries”.

Brahim Ghali’s statement to the National High Court

This crisis remains anchored on the very day when the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, considered one of Morocco’s great enemies, declared himself before Judge Pedraz of the High National Court.

Brahim Ghali is accused of genocide, torture, kidnapping, murder and rape, among other crimes. In his statement to the National Court, the leader of the Polisario Front denied all these accusations.

The judge of the High National Court ruled out the application of precautionary measures against him because he considers that “no risk of flight can be assessed” and he does not appreciate the evidence of a crime either.

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