Morocco assures four Algerian generals involved in ‘Ghali affair’ and calls on Spain for investigation

Posted: Saturday May 22, 2021 5:55 PM

The Moroccan government assures us that there are “four generals from a Maghreb country”, in obvious allusion to Algeria, involved in “the fraudulent entry with false documents” into the Spanish territory of the secretary general of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, a presence that has caused an unprecedented crisis between Rabat and Madrid.

Foreign Ministry Director General for Political Affairs Fouad Yazough said today in a press release that in Spain “an investigation must be carried out, which we hope will be transparent, to shed light on this whole thing “. and this investigation “can reveal many surprises”.

Spain took sides between victims of heinous crimes and a criminal

Among them – he detailed – “the complicity (in the entry of Ghali in Spain, where he is hospitalized for coronavirus) and the interference of four generals from a Maghreb country”, which he did not was not named while the previous days the same foreign ministry stressed that Ghali entered Spain with an Algerian and Algiers passport.

“Y vamos a desvelar más detalles en el momento oportuno”, afirmó Yazough, gracias a que “los servicios marroquíes (de inteligencia) están entre los más eficaces”, y que fueron ellos los que revelaron el 19 de abril la presencia de Ghali en Spain.

For the rest, Yazough reiterated the ideas expressed two days ago by Minister Naser Burita that Spain “must explain to its public opinion” the details of Ghali’s entry, especially “as they know that he is being prosecuted by Spanish citizens., Before the Spanish courts. and for crimes committed partly in Spain “.

For the moment, he concluded, Spain “has taken sides between the victims of heinous crimes and the criminal responsible for the death of dozens of Spaniards, as well as for rape, torture and disappearances”, with reference to crimes of which Ghali is accused.

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