Morocco warns that if Brahim Ghali leaves Spain on entry, it will worsen “serious crisis”

Updated: Friday, May 21, 2021 7:40 PM

Published on: 05/21/2021 19:39

Morocco’s Ambassador to Spain, Karima Benyaich, warned in Rabat that if Spain chooses to remove Brahim Ghali from Spain “with opacity”, the same way it entered, “it opts for the stagnation and worsening of bilateral relations “.

In a statement read to the Foreign Ministry in Rabat and after meeting his minister, Naser Burita, the ambassador, called on Tuesday for consultations with the Moroccan capital, did not hesitate to qualify the crisis in Spanish relations as a “crisis serious”. Moroccans.

Karima Benyaich stressed that what is happening with Ghali “is a test for the independence of Spanish justice, in which we have full confidence”, but also another test to know if Spain “chooses to strengthen its relations with Morocco or prefers to collaborate with its enemies. “.

For the ambassador, “Spain has unfortunately opted for opacity to act behind Morocco’s back, welcoming and protecting this criminal and executioner under the pretext of humanitarian reasons and thus undermining the dignity of the Moroccan people”.

Morocco – he added – “does not seek favors or complacency, but rather respects the spirit of partnership and applies the Spanish law” on Ghali, accused “of serious acts linked to crimes against humanity, to human rights violations and violations of women “.

The day before, Minister Naser Burita declared that the ambassador would not return to Madrid “as long as the crisis lasts and the real cause of the crisis”, evoking both the future of Brahim Ghali on his release from a hospital de LogroƱo and explanations from the Spanish side of how Ghali entered Spanish territory.

The diplomatic crisis between the two countries is the most serious recorded since 2002, due to the invasion of the islet of Perejil by Moroccan forces and its subsequent expulsion by Spanish soldiers.

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