Mossad attack on Natanz nuclear facility: Israeli Mossad revives nuclear bomb ‘dream’, pushes Iran for revenge

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Israel has once again seriously hampered Iran’s plan to “build” nuclear weapons. Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, detonated the bomb and destroyed Natanz’s power system. On the other hand, Israel’s action provoked Iran.
Israel has once again seriously hampered Iran’s plan to “build” nuclear weapons. According to reports, the intelligence team of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad severely destroyed the power system of Iran’s main nuclear power plant, Natanz, by detonating the bomb. It will now take Iran at least 9 months to re-enrich uranium. On the other hand, this action by Israel provoked Iran, and the Iranian foreign minister threatened revenge.

Iran has called Israeli actions “nuclear terrorism”. According to a New York Times report, it was a loud explosion that plunged the entire plant into darkness. During this attack, the centrifuge at the nuclear center was damaged, which is used to enrich uranium. This explosion again raised questions about the safety of the nuclear power plant, which is under tight security. This internal power system used to operate centrifuges that increase nuclear energy.
Israeli disaster at Iran’s Natanz nuclear power plant, 9 months back
Iran is building an atomic bomb in Natanj!
The center of Natanz is one of the safest sites in Iran. It is believed that Iran plans to build uranium by making atomic bombs here. Israel carried out this attack at a time when Iran recently ramped up uranium enrichment work. Iran claims its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes but experts doubt its claim.

Iran accused Israel of attacking the underground nuclear center at Natanz on Monday. Iran has warned it will avenge the attack. This comment by Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzada marks the first time the official has blamed Israel for Sunday’s incident. The incident resulted in a loss of power at the nuclear center. Israel did not directly claim responsibility for the attack. However, suspicion immediately rose to him, with his media reporting a blatant cyberattack from the country causing a power outage.

Israel will get its answer the same way: Iran
If Israel is responsible for the attack, it will further increase tensions between the two countries, which are already in confrontation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who met with US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin on Sunday, vowed he would do what he could to end the nuclear deal. Khatibzada said, “Natanz’s response is to take revenge on Israel. Israel will get its answer in the same way. However, he did not give details about it.

Khatibzada believed that the IR-1 centrifuge was damaged in the attack. However, he did not give more details about it. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has said separately that Natanz will be built with more advanced machinery and that this will jeopardize the ongoing negotiations in Vienna to save the nuclear deal. Iranian state-run news agency Irana quoted Zarif as saying, “The Jewish people wanted revenge on the Iranian people for their success on the path to lifting the ban.” He said, “But we will not allow that to happen and we will avenge this act of the Jews.”

Israel wreaked havoc in Natanj earlier as well
The IAEA, the United Nations body that monitors Tehran’s nuclear program, had previously said it was aware of media reports of the Natanz incident and had spoken to Iranian authorities about it. The agency did not specify this. However, Nathans has already been targeted. Natanz’s Iranian centrifuges were once destroyed by the Stuxnet computer virus. Stuxnet was discovered in 2010 and is believed to be made by the United States and Israel.

A mysterious explosion took place in July of last year at the forward centrifuge plant in Natanz. Iran’s regional enemy Israel is suspected of attacking Iran’s nuclear power plant. Iran has accused Israel of killing the scientist who launched the country’s military nuclear program decades ago. Several media institutions in Israel reported on Sunday that a cyber attack caused an interruption in the power supply to Natanz. Government broadcaster Kahn said Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad was behind the attack. Channel 12 TV, citing “experts”, said all areas of the unit were affected due to an interrupted power supply.

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