Mossad attack on Natanz nuclear power plant: Mossad attacks on Iranian nuclear power plant of Natanz Yossi Cohen Interview: Israeli Mossad attacked Iranian nuclear power plant Yasi Cohen

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Former Mossad chief made big revelation about attack on Iranian nuclear power plant, Yossi Cohen said – Iranian nuclear scientist should change careers, he could also be attacked Yossi Cohen, David Barnia has become new chief of Mossad.
Yossi Cohen, the former head of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, hinted at involvement in the attack on the Iranian nuclear facility. He indirectly acknowledged Mossad’s role in the attack on the Iranian nuclear facility and the assassination of scientist Mohsin Fakhrizadeh on a Channel 12 program. In this program, Kohne made it clear to Iranian nuclear scientists that they could also be attacked if they did not quit their jobs. Yossi Cohen retired as Mossad chief just days ago. In his place, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed David Barnia.

Cohen calls on Iranian nuclear scientists to change careers
Cohen said if the Iranian nuclear scientist is ready to change careers and won’t hurt us anymore, then yes, sometimes we will. Cohen did not directly claim responsibility for the attacks on Iran, but his conversations confirmed Israel’s involvement in the attacks. Meanwhile, in Vienna, many countries, including the United States, Britain, France and Russia, are scrambling to re-implement the nuclear deal with Iran. It is believed that this disclosure by the former head of the Israeli intelligence agency may also affect the negotiations of the nuclear deal.

Israel caused such devastation at Iran’s Natanz nuclear power plant, 9 months back
Iran’s Natanz nuclear center has been attacked twice
On April 11 of this year, there was a mysterious explosion at the Natanz nuclear power plant in Iran. A fire also broke out at the Natanj nuclear center in July 2020. Then Iranian officials called it the result of an Israeli cyberattack. Iran had targeted Israel for both of these attacks. There was then no response from Israel on his country’s role in the attacks.

David Barnia, who was Israel’s formidable commando, has become the leader of the Mossad, now Iran and Hamas are not doing well!
Cohen said this on the question of leaving Natanj
Israeli journalist Ilana Dayan, who was in conversation with the former Mossad chief, asked which part would you go to if you had the chance to visit Natanz. To this Cohen said that in the basement where the juicer was spinning. With that, the reporter said the place doesn’t look like it should.

Here’s how Israel blew up the Iranian nuclear facility
Cohen said the Iranians had ordered marble platforms to house the centrifuges at their nuclear facility. Even when he set it up in Natanj, he had no idea that a huge amount of explosives had been placed in these marble platforms. During this interview, the reporter told Cohen about the murder of Iranian scientist Mohsin Fakhrizadeh, but he denied having played a direct role.

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