Mossad: Mossad killed an Iranian scientist? Discover the 5 most talked about missions of the Israeli intelligence agency – the main operations carried out by the Mossad in the world, the operation of the Israeli intelligence agency enters the operation Diamond

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad is very much in discussion these days. A few days ago, Iran’s leading nuclear scientist, Dr Mohsin Fakhrizadeh, was shot dead by unknown assailants. After that, the Iranian government and its supreme cleric accused Israel of this. Many Iranian military officials have openly waved the hand at Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. A reporter shared details of the entire Mossad mission, citing intelligence agencies. In which it is told how 12 Mossad assailants shot an Iranian scientist from a bulletproof car and fry him with bullets.

Not only that, the Mossad is the fastest intelligence agency in the world

The Mossad is considered one of the fastest intelligence agencies in the world. An intelligence agency that does not miss its target. The Mossad has carried out many such missions that humans can think about. Mossad’s record of success has been quite inspiring. This is the reason why many intelligence agencies around the world, including the United States and India, work with Mossad and conduct many secret missions. India is even training the Israeli intelligence agency to train officers working in its intelligence agency.

Operation Thunderbolt showed the power of the Mossad to the world

On June 27, 1976, when a French passenger plane filled with Israeli passengers was hijacked by Arab terrorists. Then the Mossad, with its strength and intelligence, safely evacuated 94 of its citizens from the country thousands of miles away. The Mossad operation at Entebbe Airport in Uganda is still considered the most successful pirate mission in the world. Jonathan Netanyahu, brother of current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was also involved in the operation. However, he died of a bullet during the operation.

When the Mossad flew a Russian MiG-21 fighter plane

In the 1960s, if a fighter plane was the most advanced and fastest, it was a MiG-21 aircraft. If we say America was also afraid of this, then probably nothing will go wrong. The US intelligence agency CIA Fei failed to secure the plane, after which the responsibility was turned over to the Mossad. In December 1962, a Mossad agent was hanged in Egypt after being caught in the first attempt. The Mossad made a second attempt in Iraq, but the attempt also failed. In 1964, the female Mossad agent convinced an Iraqi pilot to bring Israel with this plane.

Murderers of Israeli team hunted and killed at Munich Olympics

The Mossad tracked the assassins of 11 Israeli team players in several countries during the Munich Olympics in 1972. The Black Septembers and the Palestine Liberation Organization have been accused of killing Israeli players. There were 11 terrorists in the Mossad list, who went to different countries and went into hiding after the killing of Israeli players in Munich. However, the Mossad discovered and killed all of the terrorists in a 10-year operation. It is said that the Mossad fired 11 to 11 bullets at the 11 terrorists.

The deadliest mission given in Argentina

On May 11, 1960, in Mossad, Argentina carried out a mission whose echo was heard all over the world. The mission was so secret that the Argentine government didn’t even know it. The Mossad kidnapped Nazi war criminal Adolf Ekman and took him to Israel. After which he was prosecuted and punished for the atrocities committed against the Jews. The mission was carried out by five Israeli agents who changed the name to find Adolf Ekman hiding in Argentina. After capturing Ekman, his identity was assured by being taken to a secret location. The team then secretly brought him to Israel.

Yasir Arafat’s close friend killed 70 bullets in front of his family

The Mossad called out Khalil al-Wazir, the right-hand man of Yasir Arafat, the well-known leader of Palestine, with gunfire in front of his family in Tunisia. Khalil was also known as Abu Jihad. He was believed to be at the head of Palestinian terrorist organizations, at whose request several attacks took place in Israel. This mission was carried out by 30 Mossad agents. These agents went to Tunisia one by one as tourists. Where he found Abu Jihad’s house and fired 70 bullets in front of his family. At that time, the Israeli plane flying in the skies of Tunisia blocked all communication systems.

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