Mossos will only be able to shoot “ foam ” below the waist and with prior authorization, except in cases of extreme necessity.

Publication: Monday April 19, 2021 2:36 PM

The Esquadra Mossos have published their new protocol guide for the use of “foam” ammunition, a substitute for rubber bullets. According to the text, “as a rule”, prior authorization is required for its use, which will always be directed to the lower waist region, and it can only be used without approval in cases of extreme or “very serious” need. “.

The Catalan security organization lists four cases in which this weapon can be used; serious public disturbances and with imminent danger to citizenship; neutralize individualized violent behavior that puts other people at risk; risk to the physical integrity of third parties; and situations dangerous to public safety.

On the institution’s website, they offered relevant information on the use of such ammunition. They claim that, before use, the channels of dialogue and mediation should be exhausted and people should be warned that this tool will be used (except in protests or concentrations, where it will not be mandatory if there are alterations. security of citizens.).

In addition, they detail that it should be pulled down from the abdomen. However, they envision an exception: if the person who is going to receive it carries a thrown weapon, a white or blunt object, it can do so at the end in which the said object appears.

Controls from above

The protocol also specifies the authorization of “foam” balls. Thus, it indicates that as a general rule, express authorization is required from the person in charge of the equipment. It is not allowed to do so except in cases of extreme need or “very serious” danger to the maintenance of social peace, but a subsequent report on the use, the circumstances which motivated it and the result of the intervention will be necessary.

They must also receive a direct command for the use of gas and smoke. “Following the principles of consistency, speed and proportionality” will be used. These shuttles require usage control; For this reason, one asks whoever uses them the number of projectiles fired; the type; recorded incidents; and when and where to work.

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