“Most employees would be willing to cut their wages in exchange for including a health plan in their benefits”


Interview. Ignacio Traves, Vice President of Sales at Cobee: “Most employees would be willing to cut their pay in exchange for including a health plan in their benefits”

He talks about the latest trends in compensation, delving into the health benefits of his employees and their families which are currently some of the most popular. “Every day, they appreciate more what companies offer, which gives them that sense of belonging to the company,” he tells us.

BY RRHHDigital, 00:20 – 06 November 2020

When it seemed like health had taken a back seat, when it seemed like economics and consumption dominated well-being, the coronavirus arrived to remind us that the most important is people’s lives, theirs. health and well-being. And this is something that has had an impact not only on personal and family life, but also in the world of work and, more specifically, in the area of ​​corporate compensation.

And it is that more and more employees are claiming health plans as part of the benefits offered by their company. In fact, as Ignacio Traves, vice president of sales for Cobee, reveals in an interview with RRHHDigital, “there is already a majority of those who choose health over money.” 73% of the employees questioned tell us that they will be ready to lower their salary as long as their companies include a health plan in their services, ”he explains from a survey carried out by the company for management flexible benefits and compensation.

“Employees are starting to have more focused preferences for health programs,” he adds. And it is that “every day, they value more what companies offer, which gives them this feeling of belonging to the company”. Taking care of your own health and that of your family appears to increase staff engagement with organizations.

From the hand of Ignacio Traves, we learn more about the keys to this increase in demand for employee health plans and we find out what services Cobeeen offers in this regard. In addition, we also appreciate how digitization and flexibility in offering employee benefits are also two of the major trends in the current labor market.

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