Mother Baby Immunity Feeds Sand From Dust: This American mother makes immunity for 8 month old baby by feeding dust and sand – American mother creates immunity for her baby by feeding dust and sand

Mothers often keep their newborns away from dust, dirt, etc. to protect them from disease. Doctors also advise them to do the same. However, 22-year-old Alice Bender, who lives in the United States, does not follow these rules. She not only allows her 8 month old baby to eat dust, sand and kindling that falls on the side of the road, but she also video it and put it on Ticktock.

Alice is a vegetarian herself and believes that by doing so, her son will develop immunity in a natural way. Alice reveals that her son is still breastfeeding but she allows him to eat whatever he wants to eat with it. This includes dust, from sand to small pieces of stones. Alice defends herself by saying that you shouldn’t be afraid of germs.

She says drug companies have changed the way people think about bacteria and children with millions of dollars in advertising and made people addicted to their products. In a Ticketock video, she says, “I’m not afraid of bacteria. On the contrary, I welcome him. Babies can be allowed to come into contact with bacteria until the time of lactation, because breast milk protects them from bacteria ”. However, many doctors rejected Ellis’ statement and advised him to refrain from such an attitude.

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