mother executed by her daughter: the mother who murdered her husband is executed by their daughter in Iran

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In Iran, the murdered mother of the father was hanged by her own daughter, due to the law of eyes instead of eyes, the girl expressed a desire to hang her. There is a provision to punish the culprit of the victim’s closest relative in Tehran.
In Iran, under the eye-to-eye law, a girl hanged herself, the mother accused of killing her father. According to Iranian law, there is a provision to punish any convicted person commensurate with their crime. Under the same law, a woman named Maryam Karimi was hanged by her daughter in Rasht Central Prison in the northern part of Iran.

The girl refused to forgive her mother
The girl reportedly refused to forgive her mother for allegedly killing the father. Not only that, he also refused money from donated blood instead of death. Blood money in Iran is known as diya. Instead, the girl accepted the offer to hang her mother herself.

Mother’s father suspects murder of son-in-law
However, it is believed that Maryam Karimi did not kill her husband, but it was done by her father Abraham. Abraham was angered by the husband’s physical atrocities on his daughter and the abuser’s daily abuse. When her daughter, Maryam Karimi, filed for divorce, her husband refused and beat her. For this reason, getting angry, Abraham killed his son-in-law.

The father becomes a witness to the hanging of his daughter
It is not yet known whether Abraham was also hanged for this crime. However, he was present in prison as a witness when his daughter was hanged. Mariam was prosecuted under Iranian law for “planned murder” known as “kias”.

Young children may also be hanged in Iran
Under Qias Law, relatives of victims are encouraged to be present when the convict is sentenced. In many cases, they also have the option of being punished. Under this law, even the youngest criminals can be sentenced to the death penalty, because according to Sharia, girls after the age of 9 and boys after the age of 15 can be sentenced.

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