Motivation and professional development, the foundations of a productive team

What business does not want to continue to grow and improve its future projections? All. This is something that no one has any doubts about, however, when we try to define a strategy to achieve it, we start to digress. Some managers choose to delegate more responsibility to workers, others agree that this is the perfect time to raise goals, and others, at best, decide to raise wages. However, one thing that hasn’t received enough attention so far is emotional pay. This concept may seem very subjective, but none of this can be achieved with measures as tangible as a payroll at the end of the month.

What’s the emotional pay?

When we opt for a job and talk to us about conditions, it’s usually based on wages and hours, but there are more and more factors that workers take into account when choosing a job or another. Some examples: opportunities for promotion within the organization, opportunities to learn new things about your professional field, if the work to be done will be monotonous or dynamic and even if there is a good atmosphere or a good culture team.

While a few years ago employees were only looking for financial support in the business to cover their basic needs, it is now necessary to be able to reach the top of Maslow’s famous pyramid: self-realization.

Achieve personal and professional satisfaction through continuous training

Several studies show that a worker who is satisfied with his work is much more productive than one who only moves out of obligation; And this is great news, because maintaining the motivation and quality level of your team is very easy if you know what measures to apply.

First of all, it is important to know the concerns and goals of each worker, the tasks they perform with more agility and where their strength lies. Then you have to encourage their interest and offer them a screening. Obviously, this happens by periodically updating your knowledge to avoid “stagnation” and make you more competitive.

It is also essential to personalize these training courses as much as possible. To do this, companies specializing in online training such as INESEM Business School, offer study plans in which, above all, the characteristics and circumstances of each group or worker are taken into account.

Each sector requires specific training, but if there is one thing in common, it is that they all tend towards digitalization. Most companies are already preparing their workers to face the digital transformation, starting with one (2) continuous online training, flexible and which adapts to the rhythm of each employee’s life.

Payroll, Settlement and Contract Management Course: Knowing the new applications for payroll, human resources and contract management is the perfect complement for all professionals working in the field of labor law or human resources. Thanks to the updated content, focused on the digitization of procedures and knowledge of social security systems, you will become a very competitive candidate. Agile Project Management Course: The business sector is where more agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban or Lean are implemented. This course will focus on the acquisition of participatory leadership skills as the foundation of Agile LeaderShip. Knowing and mastering them is a great advantage for all workers applying for a team management position. Master in Java Applications: Specially designed to meet the technological needs of different companies. Creating data structures, developing search and sorting systems or designing integrated application systems are some of the functions that can be learned with this training. Master in Digital Transformation and Business Development: the world we know already has a digital parallel in which, little by little, we are all entering. Above all, for the corporate sector this represents a big change, but also a great opportunity if you can develop the right strategies and master the right tools. With this master’s degree, you will grow the keys to the digital revolution and you will obtain a profile in accordance with the needs of the moment. Master in HR Analytics and Advanced People Management: the analysis of human resources and advanced knowledge for their management will give you the opportunity to access positions with greater responsibility in this area. In addition, you will add digital value to your profile by mastering the Siltra and Contrat @ systems and by learning gamification techniques.

These are just a few of the most popular courses at the moment, but let’s not forget that in order to maintain the motivation and productivity of the work team, a preliminary and in-depth analysis is necessary. Thus, real value propositions will be defined with which businesses and workers will win.

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