Motivation, savings … Discover the advantages of having an HR consultant specializing in your business

Motivation, savings … Discover the advantages of having an HR consultant specializing in your business

Today, we find ourselves in a profound transformation of Human Resources under the effect of the rise of new technologies, the appearance of new work models and the evolution of HR. In this increasingly competitive market, increasing productivity and attracting the best talent has become a priority for companies.

The digitization and automation of certain tasks involves a transformation of jobs, decision-making and relations between workers. More specifically, in the field of human resources, technology has become an essential tool to simplify processes and avoid repetitive tasks.

However, this type of innovation does not replace human capacity, but is an ally in helping to select, retain, develop and train talent. As Synergie, the human resources consultancy, explains, “HR specialists continue to focus on workers, so interpersonal skills are the most relevant to the market and still cannot be replaced by machines.” .

Benefits of having an HR consultant specializing in the business

The observation of people in their workplace is an essential preventive activity in order to be able to identify dangerous, incomplete practices or dangerous situations linked to human behavior. In this way, observation can improve working methods, increase productivity, simplify tasks and reduce costs. On the other hand, knowing perfectly the tasks carried out by the workers allows us to understand very well the type of work to be able to choose the ideal profile.

The incorporation of a consultant specialized in HR has an effect on the fundamental aspects of the day-to-day management of a team of workers. Communication, motivation and participation are directly linked to the continuous improvement of the quality of work by the human resources team. Although all members of the organization should be involved in this process, it is essential to have a specialized external consultant, as the process of observation and good knowledge of the jobs should be seen as a way to ensure the continuous improvement of safety, quality of work and efficiency of service. . In addition, the incorporation of a consultant allows cost savings, added value to processes and improved productivity, efficiency and control.

Detect the needs of the interior

Synergie, a company specializing in human resources, renames its already well-known Inhouse and takes the name Proxi. This solution focuses on the management of all the temporality within the installations of a company. How it works? The specialist consultant is located on the premises of the company to have a complete view of the whole day-to-day functioning of the company and, thus, to work from the inside and to detect personnel needs. This expert is in charge of hiring, training and advising new employees to facilitate their welcome in the company and resolve any doubts on a daily basis. In addition, the Proxi service is managed by a Process Manager who helps to implement a work methodology, standardizes processes and detects improvement needs.

According to Ivn Trelles, Process Manager at Synergie Proxi, “Synergie Proxi is a perfect ally for the company to gain in agility, efficiency and cost reduction. Living the daily life of operations allows us to better understand the trades performed by workers, to know the opinion of plant managers through a survey and thus improve the quality of the pool of workers for employment by creating, a portfolio of candidates ready to work at any time ”.

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