Mount Etna eruption: Eruption in Europe of the volcano Etna, lava up to 325 feet, ash spread over three miles – the eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily sends a violent flow of lava and smoke

The Etna volcano, in the European country of Sicily, has ignited again. Lava erupted at a height of 325 feet in a massive explosion Sunday evening in Jwalamukhi. Mount Etna volcano erupted in the southeast crater around 9:30 p.m. The explosion in Jwalamukhi continued until Monday morning. The volcano’s eruption spread ash over an area of ​​three miles. The area between the villages of Pedala and Tremestieri Itnio in Sicily was covered with ash by volcanic ash. Let’s see some amazing pictures of Mount Etna …

Volcanism after earthquake

Etna is the most active and largest volcano in Europe. This volcano produces so much lava each year that the 108-story building can be filled with it. The satellite image revealed that the south-eastern crater of the volcano erupted first. This led to lava up to 325 feet. According to a Reuters report, the southeast corner of the volcano shattered during this explosion. For this reason, the lava coming out of the volcano flowed on two sides. A magnitude 2.7 earthquake was felt on the Richter scale before this explosion. Earthquakes have been felt 17 times since Sunday morning after the Jwalamukhi explosion.

Etna volcano 11 thousand feet high

The rapid explosion in the crater of the volcano around 3 p.m. reduced considerably. Monday morning, the staff in the villages cleaned up the ashes scattered on all sides. Experts say that the Volamukhi explosion is of medium quality in which there will be a continuous explosion. Very bright embers, rocks and lava will be released from it. The most severe eruption of the volcanic eruption is called plenetic activity. During this time, gas and lava come out very quickly. The Etna volcano erupted in 79 in which the cities of Ponpai and Herculaneum were buried under ashes. The Etna volcano is 11,000 feet high and 24 miles wide.

Etna is the second most active volcano in the world

The Mount Etna volcano is 7 million years old and is the second most active volcano in the world. The most active volcano on Earth is Mount Kilauea in Hawaii. The Etna volcano is located between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates and is in constant eruption. Every year, millions of tons of lava and 7 million tons of carbon dioxide, water and sulfur dioxide are released from the Etna volcano. It is said that after the explosion of March 2017, it became the biggest explosion. Many people were injured in the explosion in 2017. The eruption was also recorded on the Etna volcano in 1500 BC. In 1169, there was a massive explosion and earthquake on Mount Etna in which at least 15,000 people died.

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