MQ-9 Mower Drone: China manufactures WJ-700 drone to resemble American MQ9 mower, will increase India’s concerns – China makes WJ-700 copy of US General Atomics Mq-9 Reaper UAV, can fire missiles and bombs on ground targets

China has flown its first indigenous long-range offensive drone (UAV) amid tensions in India and the United States. According to Chinese media, this unmanned aerial vehicle named WJ-700 successfully completed its first flight on Tuesday. This Chinese drone looks like the United States’ MQ-9 Reaper in real time. Which is made by General Atomics, America’s leading arms maker. It is even claimed that this Chinese drone can perform long-range reconnaissance missions and attack enemy hiding places.

How powerful is the Chinese drone WJ-700

This Chinese drone has a variety of special sensors and cameras, which allow it to perform reconnaissance and surveillance over long distances. Even in Chinese media, it is claimed that it can be used easily even in high altitude areas like Tibet. In addition, this UAV will be equipped with air-to-surface missiles. So that it can easily blow any ground to the ground. It will deploy the C-701 missile, the CM-102 anti-radar missile and the C-705 KD missile.

This drone can fly for 20 hours

The famous defense publication Janes reported that the Chinese drone WJ-700 is equipped with turbojet engines. With which this drone can effectively fly at higher altitudes in the air. The maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of the WJ-700 is 3,500 kg. In other words, this drone can carry missiles in addition to its load. This drone can fly in the air for up to 20 hours at a time.

Suspicion arising from China’s claim

Images published in Chinese media show this drone on the runway. On the other hand, on the trail, those associated with this mission are seen celebrating with a banner. However, no such image has been released in which this UAV is seen flying through the air. In such a situation, experts have cast doubts on this claim by China, because the world knows the difference between its words and its actions. The media is also working under the Chinese government, so his report can not be trusted either.

Deployment of WJ-700 drone will take longer

The WJ-700 drone was ordered by the third research institute of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC), Heaving Aviation General Equipment Company Limited. After the first flight, this drone will now be assigned to the Chinese Air Force PLAAF, which will conduct flight tests of this drone over the coming months. At present, this UAV will certainly take at least a year to join the Chinese military.

China has already been accused of stealing the technology

China has been accused of stealing many weapon technologies from the United States and Russia in the past. A few days ago, the Chinese Air Force released a video showing their H-20 stealth bomber. This bomber also appears to be a copy of the American B-2 Spirit. Apart from that, the so-called J-20 stealth fighter plane that China has built is also based on technology from the US F-35. Other than that, China made the J-10 on the lines of the US F-16 fighter jets. The Chinese J-11 looks like Russia’s Sukhoi SU-27.

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