Ms Empresa de Ibercaja launches a program of activities on the axis of collaboration and new working methods

Ms Empresa de Ibercaja launches a program of activities on the axis of collaboration and new working methods

Collaboration in all its aspects and formats is the roadmap of the Ibercaja Ms Empresa ecosystem and its Foundation for 2021. Identifying and overcoming common challenges in the face of increasing uncertainty and complexity, highlighting the right ones Business practices that inspire and serve An example or knowledge exchange through new learning formats, with topics explained by knowledgeable experts, mark Ms. Empresa’s ‘ambitious’ agenda in 2021.

The objective of the Ibercaja ecosystem for this new year is for entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups, SMEs, micro-SMEs or large companies to find the content they ask for, adapted to the needs that the current context demands.

The first scheduled activity took place yesterday, Wednesday January 20. This is the presentation session of Entrepreneurial Immersion, an innovative and agile program that aims to promote entrepreneurship via a digital platform. Through this course, in addition to helping entrepreneurs to implement an idea, the keys will be provided to manage a business well and increase its chances of success.

“Entrepreneurial immersion will be taught via an online platform composed of seven training modules in immersive practice led by seven entrepreneurs who are experts in the field. These professionals have prepared video micro-pills (quick, between 3 and 10 minutes), which are supplemented by other types of resources such as articles or specific content for each module. Users can consume resources whenever they want, with no scheduled or limited time. In addition, in some cases, they will be able to have access to mentors to resolve their doubts during individual sessions, ”says Luz López, director of Ms. Empresa.

The modules will address the following themes: “ From idea to business model ”, “ Your best version for entrepreneurship ”, “ Digital strategy and use of the RRSS ”, “ Finance for entrepreneurship ”, “ S flexible and agile ”, “ Digital productivity in times of entrepreneurship ‘and’ Complying with the standard, a necessity for entrepreneurship ‘.

Soon Ms. Empresa will make an online presentation of all her activities planned for 2021, which will highlight collective intelligence sessions, a presentation of business trends, entrepreneurship programs, good practice days and launching challenges. open innovation.

“In 2021, we have a renewed commitment to help organizations evolve to support their survival and growth. The 2020 results motivate us to do so, since the Covid-19 crisis has forced us to move our activity to the digital environment, by opening up to new subjects, formats and channels with a positive reception. We are committed to increasing our activity, offering entrepreneurs content that at that time would be useful to the context in which we are living, ”explains Luz Lpez.

More than 4000 professionals are part of the Ibercaja Ms Empresa community

The start of this year’s activity begins with the data obtained in 2020: more than 4,000 professionals are already part of its community, doubling those of 2019, and 2,300 live participants and 14,500 subsequent views, via the webmasempresa.ibercaja ecosystem .es, in the 45 activities that have been carried out.

Activities focused on the most interesting and useful topics at a given time, such as managing corporate cash flow in the face of uncertainty, knowing trends in business models, analyzing the role of technologies and people facing moments of disruption, experiences of good CSR practices aligned with the SDGs of the 2030 agenda, or the keys to continuing to sell in times of crisis, by promoting diversity as a lever for growth, among others . The management of tools such as Excel and agile methodologies such as Kanban and Scrum have also been deepened.

In addition, the Ibercaja ecosystem activated six challenges in its open innovation platform, increased its network of partners to 47 and incorporated experts Aleix Valls (CEO of LiquiD) and Andrs Leonardo Martnez Ortz ‘Almo’ ( leader of the Google Cloud Ecosystem program). in Europe) to its think tank to strengthen the fields of innovation and digitization.

On the other hand, a network of opinion leaders (KOL, Key Opinion Leaders) has been created around six subjects that Ms. Empresa considers to be key for the company of tomorrow: innovation, led by the director of the ecosystem itself, Luz López; digitization, by think tank member Aleix Valls; cultural transformation, by coach Yolanda Caizares; sustainability, by the expert economist in CSR Juan Royo; diversity, by Innomads CEO Mireia Garca; and entrepreneurship, by Imascono co-founder, Pedro Lozano.

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