Ms Sri Lanka brawl: Sri Lankan winner Pushpika De Silva injured left head after Ms World removed her crown: Uproar over ‘Ms Sri Lanka’ contest

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During the Ms. Sri Lanka contest in Sri Lanka, there was a fierce outcry on Sunday: the crown worn by Pushpika De Silva, winner of this beauty queen contest, was snatched by Ms. World Caroline’s current jury on stage.
During the Ms. Sri Lanka contest in Sri Lanka, there was a lot of uproar on Sunday. The crown worn on the head of the winner, Pushpika D’Silva, in this beauty queen pageant, was ripped off by Ms. World Caroline’s current jury on stage herself. Caroline said she couldn’t keep this crown on her head because she was divorced. While removing the crown, Pushpika suffered a head injury and had to be taken to hospital.

The program Ms. Sri Lanka, which takes place in a theater in Colombo, was broadcast on the national television channel. However, later when the event organizers confirmed that Ms de Silva was not divorced. Video of this incident is now shared on social media. In this, we see the Caroline jury saying that there is a rule that divorced women cannot participate in this competition. So I take this step so that this crown can be given to a woman who occupies the second place.

The whole incident is an injustice and a shame for him: Dr. Silva
Carolyn then grabs the crown worn on De Silva’s head. During this time the golden crown got stuck in D’Silva’s hair and after much effort the crown came out. Carolyn’s move made De Silva’s eyes cry and left the stage. Organizers then apologized to D’Silva and his crown was returned to him. Previously, De Silva won the title of Miss Sri Lanka in 2011.

De Silva, who was injured during the evacuation of the Taj, was treated at a local hospital. De Silva wrote a post on Facebook and said the whole incident was an injustice and a disgrace to him. She said she would take action in this matter. D’Silva said she was separated from her husband but was not yet divorced. He said, “A true queen is not a woman who rips off another woman’s crown, but rather a woman who silently crowns another woman’s head.” Meanwhile, Ms World Inc. also called Caroline’s behavior unfortunate.

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