Ms. World Caroline Jurie: Sri Lanka Ms. World Caroline Jurie arrested after chaos at beauty pageant: Ms. World Caroline Jury in Sri Lanka arrested after uproar during beauty pageant

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Ms World Arrested Police, who tore off the crown during the beauty pageant in Sri Lanka, filed a complaint for injuries and property damage. Caroline had taken the winner out of her head, claiming that the winner was divorced.
Ms World, who snatched the crown from the winner, was arrested during a beauty queen pageant in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo last week. A case was filed against him for allegedly injuring content and ruining property. Ms. World arrested was identified as Caroline Jury. The police also arrested one of his companions, Chula Padmendra.

Police arrested the two models
Caroline Jury and former model Chula Padmendra gave their performance at the event held last Saturday. During this, Pushpika DeSilva was declared the winner of Ms. Sri Lanka’s beauty pageant. After which, the jury alleged that DeSilva was divorced and that only married women were allowed to participate in this competition.

Taj was forcibly removed from the winner’s head
When the organizers disregarded this allegation, they forcibly took the title of winner from DeSilva and placed it on the head of the runner-up and declared him the winner. DeSilva filed a police complaint in the matter, after which organizers returned the winner’s crown to him.

The injured winner is treated
A police officer said that we had taken Ms. Jury and Chula Padmendra into custody. De Silva, who was injured during the evacuation of the Taj, was treated at a local hospital. De Silva wrote a post on Facebook and said the whole incident was an injustice and a disgrace to him. She said she would take action in this matter.

Video: Embarrassing incident during ‘Ms. Sri Lanka’ contest, Ms. World tears crown from winner’s head and injures herself
DeSilva has dismissed divorce claims
DeSilva said she was separated from her husband but was not yet divorced. He said, “A true queen is not a woman who rips off another woman’s crown, but rather a woman who silently crowns another woman’s head.” Meanwhile, Ms World Inc. also called Caroline’s behavior unfortunate.

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