MSN El Tiempo forecasts will be more accurate

Microsoft updated the MSN El Tiempo web experience this week with some visual improvements. It looks like the Windows 10 app and several new features to improve functionality.

Among the most notable improvements are the details of daily weather reports. This will now show the hourly temperature, chances of rain, wind and humidity.

The news that comes to El Tiempo forecasts

The update also improves MSN El Tiempo’s online maps which have improved the use of radar imagery incorporating augmented temporal, spatial and social data. “These forecasts reflect small topographic variations in your specific area. So you can get a forecast for your street, not your county, with minute-by-minute forecasts,” the ad explains.

These enhancements are now found in the United States on the MSN website, Bing, and in the Microsoft Edge web browser. But it should reach the rest of the regions within days. An expected improvement that comes to this service, especially outside the United States where forecasts are not quite accurate.

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