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Esport or electronic sports have come to stay. League of Legends, Valorant, CS: GO, Dota 2, Overwatch or Fortnite move millions of followers around the world. Streaming on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube is becoming more frequent and successful. Microsoft recognizes this and created the MSN Esports Hub.

MSN Esports Hub is the place to be for all esports enthusiasts. With a modern and carefree design, adapted to the aesthetics of the game, and excellent performance, the new MSN website will allow us to have in one place the competition schedules, the most relevant Twitch channels and the relevant news. of any sport.

MSN Esports Hub Feature Summary

The main page (Home) allows quick access to the most relevant information and allows us to filter by games and browse by specific areas of interest. It provides feeds from YouTube and Twitch, with new platforms to be added soon. News from the most important eSports websites internationally: DotEsports, GamesRadar, ESTNN, GosuGamers and many more. It allows you to see the schedule of esports competitions that we are tracking, giving us the option to filter by our favorite teams. We can see match stats, standings, MPVs, win percentages and much more.

What did we think?

We have tested the website and are pleasantly surprised with the content as well as the performance and design of the website. The information you provide is accurate, we may filter feeds based on language, and the news provided comes from reputable industry media.

If I had to make a constructive criticism of the young MSN Esports Hub, it’s the lack of Spanish-speaking news sources. You miss opening the “News” tab and being able to read information from sites like Esportmaniacos or ElDesmarque; It would be a great way to bring this fantastic website to the whole Spanish speaking community.

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