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The essentials A Covid-19 cluster would have developed in March and April at the Institut IHU Méditerranée Infection Marseille under the direction of Didier Raoult. A technician was taken to the intensive care unit.

New controversy for Didier Raoult. According to information from L’Express on Tuesday, 7.

While most of those affected would not have developed any serious symptoms, a technician from the institute, who is now out of the woods, was taken to the intensive care unit while a doctor was hospitalized. This is an anonymous testimony collected by our colleagues at L’Express that reveals this information. This is a person who works in Prof. Raoult’s institute.

“A climate of fear”

Other employees of the institute, always on condition of anonymity, denounce the continuation of practices that could probably spread Covid-19 because of this cluster: open meetings and seminars “where barrier gestures are little or not respected”, invitation from “fans” by Prof. Raoult during a conference “at which almost half of the participants did not wear a mask and were less than two meters away”.

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Parallel to the arbitrary respect of barrier gestures, anonymous witnesses denounce a “climate of fear at the IHU” and fear reprisals if their identity should be revealed by the Marseille institute.

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