Murder of Pakistani judge: Imc Khan Aftab Afridi and his family shot dead, Imran Khan angry: Murder of a judge in an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan, including his family, Imran Khan expressed his sorrow

Strong points:

Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the attack, including the family of a Pakistan counterterrorism court judge, saying many police officers will not let the culprits involved in the investigation, so far no arrests at Islamabad
Terrorists in Pakistan brutally murdered a judge, including the family, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s home state. At the time of the attack, Aftab Afridi, a judge at the Swat District Anti-Terrorism Court, was traveling with his family on the Peshawar-Islamabad highway. In this ruthless terrorist act, his wife, son and daughter-in-law were also killed, while two security guards were reportedly injured.

The terrorists came with the intention of killing the judge
A police officer at the scene said the murder was not committed with intent to steal. The police suspect that the terrorists came to kill the judge. District Police Officer (DPO) Mohammad Shoaib said the case was under full investigation. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IGP Dr Sanaullah Abbasi also arrived and inquired about the case.

Imran said – will not spare the culprits
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also condemned the attack. He tweeted and wrote that the perpetrators of this horrific act will be arrested with the seriousness of the law and they will be dealt with. Earlier in February 2019, Judge Ayub Khan’s car from Peshawar High Court Judge was attacked in a similar manner. However, his life was saved.

Many teams have started to investigate
Police said a case has been registered against Judge Tahrir’s second son. Police said family members of the judge suspected any personal animosity over the murder. However, no arrests have been made to date. Numerous police teams are investigating the whole affair, from Swat to his home. Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) Zahoor Afridi said the Kalashnikov 9mm pistol was used by the gunmen in the attack. After the attack, the terrorists escaped from the scene.

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