Muslim Dating App India: Iran Introduces Muslim Dating App: Iran Releases Muslim Dating App

Iran has launched a new Islamic dating app for young people to find life partners. Thanks to this, Iranian youth will be able to choose the life partner of their choice. It is claimed that due to government oversight, the scope of fraud will be greatly reduced. This app was developed by the Tebian Cultural Institute.

Iranian youth will find life partner with Hamdum app
The app was launched by Iranian government officials on a television broadcast on Monday. This app is called Humdum. Its translation into the Persian language is companion. According to the app’s website, this service works using artificial intelligence to find matches only for singles looking for a permanent marriage and a single life partner.

After verification of the user’s identity, a mental test was also
In this application, the user is asked to verify his identity before searching for a life partner. After which the user will be asked to undergo a mental test. Once the match is found, the Humdum App introduces the two families to consultancy services. These consultants will continue to provide their service for four years after marriage.

Cited to save Iranian families from Satan
When launching this app, Tebian chief Komil Khojasteh said Iranian families are currently under threat from outside forces. The family is Satan’s target, and Iran’s enemies want to impose their own ideas. Therefore, we started this facility to build healthy families. Currently, “Humdum” is the only legally available dating app for Iranians, although other platforms are popular in the country as well.

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