Mutant fish born with human face: shark resembling humans captured in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, a fisherman caught a shark of human appearance, refused to sell the shark, a large crowd gathered daily to look at the house, said the fisherman – this will make my future Jakarta
A fisherman from Indonesia caught a mutant shark with a human face. After seeing this, people panicked. This shark with a human face was taken from the belly of a large shark. The fisherman refused to sell this shark and began to breed it at his home. After which a large number of people come to see him.

Shark’s stomach looks like a child in human appearance
This baby mutant shark was captured by a 48-year-old fisherman, Abdullah Nooran, near Rote Nado, in East Nusa Tenggara province. This fisherman accidentally caught a pregnant shark in his net. After which, when he bit the shark, 3 little children came out of his stomach. One of those faces looked like humans.

Fisherman refuses to sell shark
Abdullah Nooran said that I first saw a big shark trapped in a trap under his trawler. The next day, when I bit the shark, three children came out inside. Two of them looked like their mothers, but one had a very human face. After that I brought this baby shark home and raised him.

A fisherman raises the baby shark
He said a lot of people, including his neighbors, want to buy this shark’s baby. But I rejected everyone’s proposal. There is a huge crowd of people in my house who want to see this shark. A lot of people want to buy it, but I’m going to keep it instead. I think it will change my luck.

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