Mutua Montaesa allows a private space for the self-employed to request the new extraordinary services

Mutua Montaesa allows a private space for the self-employed to request the new extraordinary services

MutuaMontaesa, mutual employee of Social Security number 7 and with more than a century of life dedicated to the management of the occupational health of its companies and protected workers, continues alongside the self-employed and makes available to them the request for de new extraordinary services approved by Royal Decree-Law 2/2021 of January 26. These are several measures that attempt to alleviate the situation of entrepreneurs or self-employed workers who have been forced to close their business or have seen their income decrease due to the current situation, among other situations.

As usual, MutuaMontaesa maintains its commitment to be “very easy” for its users and puts it into practice with a new online method to carry out this type of request, without moving, in a comfortable way and which guarantees the safety of all its customers.

On the one hand, for self-employed workers wishing to request the service themselves, this option has been activated in the MiMutua private area. Without having to present themselves physically, they can request access to the application via this link. To verify your identity and register on the platform, you will only have to send a photo of yourself and a photo of your ID. From this moment, they will be able to carry out all the management and have the updated information on the status of the request, 100% goes online. The app also offers the ability to receive SMS notifications on receipts, upcoming appointments, and even has a chat to answer any need or question that may arise quickly and directly.

Likewise, if the request is made through an advisor, the services will be requested via the private space to which they already have prior access and which has accelerated the work of the advisers in recent months.

Currently, MutuaMontaesada serves nearly 35,000 self-employed workers, according to figures at the end of fiscal 2020. For Rafael Fonseca, CEO of the entity: “They are a key element in the advancement of our organization. For this reason, we wanted to go further to offer them an innovative service which, in addition to guaranteeing security, essential in these times, is really intuitive, comfortable and which eliminates bureaucratic worries because of its speed ”.

The self-employed and the consultants who carry out the procedures can now request the new services and find out about the necessary requirements on

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