Mutua Montaesa commemorates the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs by giving a voice to businesses and professionals in their most complicated year

Mutua Montaesa commemorates the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs by giving a voice to businesses and professionals in their most complicated year

Mutua Montaesa, mutual employee of Social Security number 7 and with more than a century of life dedicated to the management of the occupational health of its companies and protected workers, once again gives a voice to women entrepreneurs on the occasion of his International Day, celebrated today November 19. On this occasion, through three businesswomen who perfectly embody the entrepreneurial spirit and bring an idea to life. In short, to pursue what was then a dream for them, always supported by the services of Mutua Montaesa.

Mar and Beln own the Alaire clothing store and the business has always been the dream and challenge at work for these sisters, who have seen it come true since, three years ago, they started. their journey through their “illusion, strength and common purpose”. They declare themselves essential when undertaking an optimal business plan that analyzes all the possible factors and scenarios that may affect them, and they also stress the importance of having a good advisor who brings “peace and security in the new journey”, since its main brake and obstacle was the uncertainty posed by the “fear of the unknown”.

Laura Cloux, for her part, opened the doors of her speech therapy and psychology clinic in 2016, and what she considers essential when she undertakes is “to be clear on what you want to offer to the society”. This enabled her to better cope with obstacles that arose along the way, such as “the fast-paced and competitive business world,” since she was “clear on how to function as a speech-language pathologist, but not as a woman. business ”.

How they weathered the pandemic

This time so turbulent for the economy and, above all, for small businesses, it is inevitable that it has affected them very directly. To combat these adversities, Mar and Beln have focused on changes to alleviate the devastation derived from this situation in the strict disinfection protocol they are implementing, “which has resulted in a significant financial outlay”, but which they establish as necessary so that “every person who enters our store feels safe and comfortable, ensuring that we strictly adhere to safety and hygiene measures”. The other key has been to find a way through alternative and perfectly complementary routes. In this case, they created their website to open up to online sales, with which they say they are “very excited” by the reception it has had.

Laura also had to deal with the situation “suddenly”. During the guard, although being a health center, they remained closed, with a growing sense of uncertainty and, thanks to a small economical mattress and a few advantages, “we were able to meet the expenses which ensued” . Nevertheless, he recalls with relief that once they were able to reopen, “we were lucky to find a more or less normal pace of work in a relatively short time”, which enabled them to join the group. of their staff.

Clnica Cloux has called on the services of Mutua Montaesa on several occasions, and her manager assures us that “we have always received the best service from her”. Laura has fond memories of her experience: “We only have good words,” she says.

In short, this extremely delicate situation has led for them and for many entrepreneurs to reincarnate more than ever the values ​​of entrepreneurship, the spirit and the strength to seek that ace in the sleeve who provides “the being you who puts the money. limit your creativity. ”And from Mutua Montaesa, its leaders are committed to supporting these“ courageous and determined women who seek their own destiny ”.

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