Mutua Montaesa launches Mmuy easy, a new claim and a new corporate image to be applied as the simplest work mutual for any procedure

Mutua Montaesa launches Mmuy easy, a new claim and a new corporate image to be applied as the simplest work mutual for any procedure

Mutua Montaesa, mutual employee of Social Security number 7 and with more than a century of life dedicated to the management of the occupational health of its companies and protected workers, today launches its image and its positioning to adapt in the new times, in which companies and workers demand greater simplicity when carrying out any procedure with their mutual.

Along with the “Very easy” claim, the new branding also reinforces the renewed positioning, which establishes that it is not only a change of colors and logo, but also a new way of communicating that highlights by trying to convey in the best possible way who is Mutua Montaesa, what he does and what is his differentiation.

Here you can see Mutua Montaesa’s new corporate video:

The change in graphic style is noticeable, in which green tones now predominate, which bring freshness and dynamism and are the color of sustainability. And some classic brand elements are retained, such as the “m” shaped mountain. In addition, the forms have been simplified, which allows the elements of the new logo to be structured in a more solid way.

For its part, the claim “Very easy” seeks the perfect representation of one of the priorities and fundamental pillar of the values ​​of Mutua Montaesa: the intention to make things easy, to be clear for their companies, workers and protected self-employed. so that They can devote more time to their trades and their business and, indeed, their concerns are mitigated by facilitating as much as possible the main negotiations with their mutual.

Within this demand, Mutua Montaesa also wants to be “very useful” to mutualists, with all the services it offers them, its coverage, how to act in the event of an incident that they may have or resolve any questions that may arise. . Also “very human”, both with the workers of the mutual insurance company and from the point of view of the mutualists, the people who make it their purpose. And “very wise”, when it comes to showing the expertise of Mutua Montaesa during its more than 100 years of existence.

Rafael Fonseca, Managing Director of Mutua Montaesa, assures: “There is a lot of effort that we devote every day to stay at the forefront of the service of the benefits offered online to provide the best facilities to our members. For this reason, we also want to show in this new stage that we are starting today the work that before, during and after the pandemic, the best brand ambassadors that any organization can have: our professionals who really make mutual insurance a reference at national level. “.

In this way, Mutua Montaesa sets a precedent when it comes to reinventing herself and making an effort in times of turbulence so that more and more people know her work, to whom she makes her long experience available to increase their well-being in a simple and effective way. a proactive spirit of constant improvement.

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