Mutua Montaesa participates in World Environment Day

Mutua Montaesa, mutual collaborator with social security number 7 and with more than a century of life dedicated to the management of the occupational health of its companies and protected workers, joined the World Environment Day which was celebrated on June 5.

As an organization committed to the environment and society, the mutual company integrates small actions into its daily life that aim to bring its grain of sand in the fight against energy waste. The latest actions were framed in a campaign to save water, energy and reduce plastic waste.

Mutua Montaesa advocates for sustainability on such a special day as an inevitable task in today’s society and which is also transferred to the workplace, where “responsible management guided by strong ethical principles is necessary ”, as Ana Isabel Manso, general management and CSR coordinator. . “We strive every day to make our stakeholders aware of the impact of our actions on the environment.

For this reason, he placed informative posters in all delegations on the different ways in which workers can collaborate in protecting the environment. Actions as simple and extrapolated to the home environment as turning off the light when leaving a room or office, saving water when going to the toilet, or double-sided printing to save energy and paper.

On the other hand, with a worrying expenditure figure of around 400 disposable cups per year per worker in Spain, Mutua Montaesa also wanted to tackle this problem by distributing ceramic cups to all staff to significantly reduce costs. waste generated on a daily basis. . day in practices and care and rehabilitation centers.

New call for tenders to boost energy efficiency.

Mutua Montaesa Hospital has also launched a call for tenders to improve energy efficiency and maintenance, such as the installation of a photovoltaic solar panel on the roof or the replacement of the current heating system of the rehabilitation pool by an aerothermal system. All the measures proposed will make it possible to achieve savings of around 25,000 euros per year in the hospital complex, and to contribute to improving the environmental environment of the center.

A few improvements that add to this World Environment Day, this year dedicated to ecosystem restoration, in which the so-called United Nations Decade for Ecosystem Restoration will be launched tomorrow. More information on the web

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