Mutua Montaesa takes stock of the new challenges that arose in the rehabilitation zone during the pandemic and the confinement

Mutua Montaesa takes stock of the new challenges that arose in the rehabilitation zone during the pandemic and the confinement

Mutua Montaesa, mutual social security collaborator number 7 and with more than a century of life dedicated to the management of the occupational health of its companies and its protected workers, wanted to celebrate World Rehabilitation Day, celebrated on May 23. the world, with a balance on how this area has changed and is adjusting over the past year to the reality of a confined and pandemic world.

So, as Alberto Gmez Merino, head of physiotherapy at Mutua Montaesa, explains, the challenge has been “enormous”, because the situation caused by covid-19 “has greatly influenced the way of proceeding in the field of physiotherapy and of therapy. . A new approach towards which the rehabilitation activities had to be oriented, centered on the essential measures of protection and hygiene to guarantee safety. The constant cleaning and disinfection of the facilities and equipment used in the sessions was essential in dealing with the so-called new normal.

12 months after the start of the pandemic, Mutua Montaesa resumed all its activity in person, far from what had happened last year, in complete containment, when the organization necessarily activated an individualized monitoring plan for each patient to continue with all plans from their respective homes, with different exercise guidelines and weekly telematic consultations.

However, the pillars of rehabilitation have never changed: “Good adherence to treatment, confidence in the doctor and physiotherapist, and effort and desire to recover”, as Gmez Merino sums it up as the basis for optimal recovery.

The importance of the psychological aspect for rehabilitation.

The psychological aspect also always plays a very important role throughout this process. It is very important for the doctor to establish himself as a constant source of motivation and support, especially with regard to long-term injuries. “The fact that there is mutual trust between the rehabilitator and the patient improves the results”, since, according to the rehabilitation manager at Mutua Montaesa, it allows the patient to feel “engaged and motivated”, and the rehabilitator , for his part, “Satisfied to see that their work is paying off.”

Currently, the most common injuries that Mutua Montaesa professionals face are those of the spine, such as neck and lower back pain, in addition to traumatic shoulder and knee injuries and sprains. the ankle, all derived from the workplace. Alberto assures us, in this case, that the most complicated processes are normally “those whose duration is extended over time”, because of “the physical and psychological repercussions that this entails for the patient”.

Mutua Montaesa wants to reflect on all the changes and adaptations that she has had to make to ensure that the main reason for her activity, to provide the best services to her protected patients, continues unbreakably in any situation, before and after, during the pandemic. And for this reason, it now highlights it on the world day of this essential activity for the recovery of workers.

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