MV Anastasia Crew: Indian crew’s way back from stranded cargo ship in China will be clear on February 14 – Freighter MV Anastasia to bring back 16 Indian sailors on February 14

Beijing / New Delhi
The passage of 16 Indian members of the crew aboard the cargo ship MV Anastasia, blocked in China for several months, is finally clear. The ship will first be armed in Japan and the Indian members will return home on February 14. The Chinese administration did not allow a crew change in these ports due to several restrictions imposed as a result of Kovid-19.

Minister of State at the Ministry of the Navy, Mansukh Mandavia, said 16 Indian crew members will end their duties in Japan today and depart for India on February 14. He said this was made possible through the efforts of the Indian Embassy in China. China has given permission to replace the ship’s crew. Earlier, the government made a statement to Parliament on Tuesday.

Priyanka Chaturvedi of Shiv Sena Interviewed
The government had said it was in constant contact with the Chinese government to bring back the Indian ship MP Anastasia, trapped in a Chinese port since July 2020, and the 16 Indian sailors on board. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar gave this information during Zero Hour in Rajya Sabha. He said the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of the Navy are in constant contact with China to bring the Indian ship MP Anastasia and the 16 Indian sailors on board.

Priyanka Chaturvedi of Shiv Sena wondered how long the stranded sailors would return to India. Priyanka said that ship and another Indian ship MV Jag Anand have been stranded in Chinese ports since July of last year. He said 23 Indian sailors aboard the MV Jag Anand returned home last month, but when will the Indians aboard the MV Anastasia return home?

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