Myanmar army promises elections in one year after military coup on roads everywhere: Myanmar army promises elections in one year, army occupation of streets everywhere

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The Burmese army has announced that it will hold new elections after a year of emergency. The Burmese army took custody of the country’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi after the coup, announcing the holding of elections in the country.
The Burmese military has announced it will hold new elections in the country after a year of emergency declared on Monday. The Burmese military arrested Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s top leader, on Monday after the coup. The announcement was made on army-controlled “Mayawadi TV”. Earlier on this army-controlled TV channel, it was said that because national stability is hampered, all government functions are transferred to army chief general Min Aung Laing.

This measure was taken under the provision of the 2008 Constitution which was issued during the military regime. The declaration states that once the elections are held, the military will hand over the reins of power to the winner. Sui Chi’s National League of Democracy Party won a landslide victory in the general election in November last year. In this election, the Union Solidarity and Development Party, supported by the army, suffered a serious defeat.
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‘The government has not responded to allegations of election rigging’
The military said, “It had to take this step because Suu Kyi’s government failed to respond to its allegations of large-scale election rigging.” Meanwhile, Myanmar State Councilor and Nobel Laureate NLD Political Party Aung San Suu Kyi called on the people of the country to oppose Monday’s efforts to establish a “coup” and a “military dictatorship”.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) released a statement on party leader Suu Kyi’s Facebook page, saying the military’s actions are unjust and contrary to the will and constitution of voters. It is not yet possible to confirm who posted this message on the Facebook page as the group members are not answering phone calls. In recent years, there has been partial but significant progress towards establishing democracy in Myanmar, but this process has suffered a major setback with today’s coup. It is even more shocking for Suu Kyi who fought for years to demand democracy, she remained under house arrest for years and received the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts.

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