Myanmar beauty queen Htet Htet takes up arms against junta: Beauty queen turned ‘rebel’ against Myanmar coup raised assault rifle

‘I’m ready to sacrifice my life too’

Now, Tara Tate Tate has also taken up arms against her country’s army. They said they will keep fighting as long as they can fight. They don’t even care about life. He wrote: “The time to fight once more is back. Whether you keep a gun, a pen, a keyboard, or donate money to the pro-democracy movement. Everyone should keep trying to be successful. He said: “I will continue the fight as much as I can. I am ready to give up everything. I am ready to sacrifice my life too. However, Tara Tate Tate did not provide much information afterwards. It is believed that after his call, many people can join local groups in the fight against the army. Tara Tate Tate won the title eight years ago, beating one of 60 contestants. She is currently training gymnastics.

To date, at least 782 people have died in Myanmar.

Tar Tate wrote: “The revolution is not like an apple that falls after being ready. He said we have to win. Let me tell you that there was a situation of civil war in Myanmar. According to the United Nations, as of May 10, at least 782 people had died. Myanmar’s security forces are continuously slaughtering their own people. Myanmar’s brutal military crackdown continues despite global concern. Thousands of people have fled to neighboring Thailand and Bangladesh amid the war situation in Myanmar. The head of the military junta in Myanmar justified the overthrow of the military coup by overthrowing the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi. The junta leader said the army would not tolerate protests at any cost.

In Aung Sang Soo prison, which the Myanmar army wants

The country’s top leader, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, has been arrested following Myanmar’s military coup. The top military commander of the Burmese army, General-in-Chief Min Aung Laing, is in power in the country. General Min is on the verge of retirement and analysts believe he could beat the presidential election a year later. The military justified the coup by saying that the government did not follow up on its allegations of election fraud. After the military resurgence in Myanmar adjoining northeast India, the entire development of the Indian government remains vigilant. India can fight against Aung Sang Suu Kyi or against them. In October last year, Indian Foreign Minister Harsha Shrangala and Army Chief of Staff MM Narwane visited Myanmar ahead of the military coup in Myanmar.

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