Myanmar beauty queen viral video: Myanmar beauty queen emotional appeal to the crying world, asked – why the silence on military barbarism? Viral video – Myanmar beauty queen Han delivers moving speech against military coup video goes viral

People troubled by the atrocities of the military dictatorship regime in Myanmar are now questioning the world’s silence. Burmese model Han Le may not have won the Miss Grand International beauty pageant held in Bangkok last week, but she definitely captured the millions of hearts she was listening to at the time. This talented candidate from Myanmar gave such a moving speech about the ongoing military violence in the country which is now going viral on social media. The 22-year-old beauty queen has asked countries around the world if she would have remained silent if this had happened in another country. After all, why isn’t anyone saying anything about the violence in Myanmar. He also called for immediate international aid through his speech. What is great is that while she appealed for help from the international scene, at the same time, 141 people died in the gunfire in Myanmar.

Hear the emotional call of this Myanmar beauty queen

Myanmar citizens will never give up

Han Le said on Friday that his country would not give up agitation against the coup. He said there is one thing I can say that we, the citizens of Myanmar, will never give up. In Myanmar, more than 550 people have died in army fire so far, while the number of injured has risen in the thousands. Myanmar’s dictatorial army has announced the imposition of military rule in the country, ousting the democratically elected government of Aung Sang Suu Kyi from power. Since then, the movement in Myanmar has continued. Human rights organization Assistance Association for Political Prisonniers said on Saturday that there were 46 children among the dead. About 2,751 people were arrested or punished. Threats of deadly violence and arrests of protesters in Myanmar have failed to quell protests calling on the military to relinquish power and re-establish the democratically elected government.

People fight in the streets and I fight on stage

This Myanmar beauty said that the protesters told me that they will fight in the streets and that I am also fighting my battle on stage now. So I think if they don’t give up we will win. Meanwhile, tears continued to fall from her eyes. With deep sadness, tearful eyes and a sore throat, Han Le revealed to the world the brutality of the Burmese military. He said I was in control of my feeling at that point because I had time to speak in front of the whole world for only two or three minutes. They said when I got to my room I cried all night. Now every time I talk about Myanmar tears start to flow from my eyes. She said that was the reason why I couldn’t focus my attention on this competition.

I forgot to smile, I can’t be happy here

Han Le explained that during the contest, beauty queens need to smile every time, to connect with each person very personally. I cannot be happy here because hundreds of people are dying in my country during this time. Nawat Itargressil, the organizer of the beauty pageant, said she could not return to Myanmar after Han Le’s speech. If she goes back (right now) to Myanmar, she doesn’t go home, she goes to jail.

More than 550 people have died in Myanmar so far

The worsening situation in Myanmar worries the international community. Especially after the deaths of 110 people in a single day on March 27, concern has grown dramatically. The European Union has called it a day of terror. Recent major atrocities against supporters of democracy have been observed in South Dugan County, Yangon. People who see a scary sight with their eyes here say that over the past two days the military has carried out a special campaign in the area which has caused panic throughout the locality. The Nationalities General Strike Committee, one of the main protest groups, on Monday urged Myanmar’s ethnic armed groups to speak out in favor of the protesters. On Tuesday, three of these groups took note of the call.

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