Myanmar coup: At least seven people die in clashes between Myanmar police protesters: News from seven protesters killed by police gunfire in Myanmar

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Police in several towns in Myanmar claim seven protesters killed by firing bullets at protesters
Burmese police fired again at people protesting the military coup in several towns. At least 7 people are said to have died in police fire, while many more have been injured. However, no official confirmation has yet been made regarding the deaths of the pro-democracy protesters. Medical volunteers stationed at the scene and local media say the death toll could be closer to 10.

Police opened fire in three towns
According to local media, three protesters died Sunday from police fire in Rangoon. Whereas two people were reportedly killed in a clash between police and protesters in the city of Davoi. The other two people died in police gunfire in Mandalay. In the past, three protesters have been killed in Burmese police gunfire. Such images are going viral on social networks, in which bullet kiosks are visible.

Hundreds of people arrested
According to reports, security forces arrested large numbers of people from different parts of the country. Police also fired tear gas and splashed water to end protests in many locations. Police reportedly opened fire in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, and fired tear gas shells and water cannons to force protesters off the streets.

Events in all states from north to south
Security forces also carried out violent actions in the small town of Dawei in south-eastern Myanmar. Violence erupted in Davoi on Sunday as medical students marched through the streets of the capital. In published photos and videos of the incident, protesters are seen fleeing when police reinforced them. There is no information on casualties in the capital at the moment. Bullets were heard in the streets and a smog grenade was also reportedly thrown at the crowd.

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